The little moments, the little successes, are worth celebrating

Today I am celebrating! Not because it’s Labor Day, though it is definitely something to celebrate. Today I celebrate because of the little success that is this weekend.

My hubby and I booked this weekend at our campground well in advance, just like several other weekends this summer. The others, aside from one trip when B was about a month old, were all cancelled. B wasn’t safe to travel.

Now though, B is doing great! His breathing difficulties and failure to thrive a distant memory. So we packed up our family and headed out camping for the three day weekend.

To clarify, when I say camping, I mean glamping. We have a wonderful trailer equipped with all we need, or rather, want; including a television the kids can watch DVDs on. And our campground is supreme, with easy-to-park spots, a pool, and a playground.

With all these modern-day conveniences, and amenities, you’d think camping with our family would be easy. Nope! That is not the fact. It is quite complicated to manage camping with a 5 year old, 2 1/2 year old and nearly 5 month old. Often camping, or glamping, is a major stressor. I am usually so ready to go home by the end of the weekend.

But today, two, nearly three nights in, I celebrate. This weekend has actually been relaxing! (This is where I high-five whoever is within up-top range.) Sure, there have been plenty of challenges, but we overcame them. And I’m not anxiously waiting to leave tomorrow morning.

Perhaps it was the trip to Oregon the kids and I made without my hubby a couple weeks back. Or maybe our continued work to stay calm with our kids and focus on the present. And maybe even more, getting away from the needs of life and work that await us at home.

Regardless, this weekend has been fun! These trips are what we hold near and dear. The moments we will never forget, and will always cherish. Complete with taking the training wheels off J’s bicycle!

I’m sure at this point I sound like an over zealous writer, keen on using all the cliche statements she can think of. But at this moment, they are true, and someone out there needs to hear them.

It is okay if this time there are more bad moments than good. You will remember the good. You are still making memories. And you will learn from this, making the next trip, the next adventure, better.

You can take time away from all your responsibilities. They will be there when you get back. At this moment, the most important thing is time. Time to be with your family, with your spouse, and to relax in the present.

Make memories with your family, because time does go by fast (even though, on occasion, it can seem to move at a snails pace). A little time to nurture your family will strengthen your bonds immensely.

And if you aren’t celebrating tonight. If you are counting down the seconds until you are back in your routine. Until the kids are back in school. That is okay! Believe me, it happens to everyone!

You got this! I promise. Even if it seems like you don’t, like you are failing, and all is a struggle. You got this! Keep it up, and celebrate the little moments, the little successes. Because let’s be honest, they are all worth celebrating!

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