The sincerity of an innocent heart

Tonight my husband made the kids dinner, then went on to spend an hour making dinner for me and him. (I know, different meals seem excessive, but when we want a meal full of veggies it’s not worth the struggle and waste of tasty food.) I had asked for a sweet potato sort of hash. It was a beautiful combination of sweet potatoes, red and yellow bell peppers, onions, spinach and olives.

My husband brought the food over and he ate his, while I fed our nine month old his baby food dinner. We were looking at hotels on my computer, dreaming of a vacation. Our daughter came downstairs and sat in her seat, asking for some of her dad’s bacon. In between feeding baby B, I got a few amazingly delicious bites of the sweet potato hash, but for the most part it would wait until I was done with baby B. I kept telling Miss A and my hubby how excited I was to eat the dinner, as my few bites were so good. A even asked me in her sweet little voice “it’s so good Momma?”

When my husband was done with his dinner, he got up from the table, and A went to follow. (For all of you wondering, if I had done the cooking he would have done the baby feeding. It’s an equal opportunity situation.)

A got down from her booster, set her water bottle down, then promptly tripped over my computer cord. The cord caught on her leg and the tension pulled my computer across the table, knocking into my full plate of food. It seemed like slow motion as I grabbed the computer with the hand not holding the baby spoon, as the plate of food first fell into my lap, then upside down on the dining room rug.

A stopped in her tracks, now a couple feet away. My husband said to her, with his initial reaction, “A, you need to be careful.” Just in a normal tone. She just stared and started shaking. Then the crocodile tears came as we asked her if she was okay. My husband picked her up and held her in a hug while I got up to clean up the mess off the chair and floor. She was so distraught.

We made sure she wasn’t hurt first. Those cords can leave a mark, and the tripping can definitely jolt the body. She was okay in the injury category. But her little heart hurt so much. She wasn’t only scared, but thought she had really done something wrong. My heart broke for her.

We explained over and over that it was an accident. I told her it was Mommy’s fault for having the computer cord there. But despite all our offered reassurance, she was convinced she had done wrong. It was all I could do to not cry when she looked at me, eyes brimming with tears, and said “I sorry Momma.” I just bent down, took her from my husband’s lap, and gave her a huge hug. She then climbed back into her daddy’s lap while I went about cleaning with the stain remover.

It’s really true. Children are quite aware of what’s happening around them. She knew Mommy wanted to eat her dinner, she knew there was no more, and she was concerned after all her tears about what Momma would eat. Her sincerity in caring for me rang true. It was so sweet, and so heartbreaking.

Her innocence really breads a sincerity that is so true; so pure. Like all young children, the innocence is something we are blessed to experience and be a part of. I am so proud of her loving heart, and I do hope she carries it with her through life. I will remember this event for many years, as it reminds me how sad she can get, and yet, how honorable she truly is.

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