A season for rest.

Life has me in quite a season. I haven’t written in over two weeks! That says something, because I love to write, and I have a lot to say.

I don’t know if it’s the umpteenth sinus infection in the last six months, or the heavy workload at the college. Perhaps it’s that my husband and I have been working hard at learning to make things for our own side hustle. Or even the fact that our youngest has moved into the constantly active phase of his childhood, leaving us with three nonstop kiddos.

I typically carve out the evening for a brief writing session. It’s that something that helps me process the events of the day, and to decompress before rest. But, I’ve been so completely exhausted before this time of day hits that I skip right to the resting part of my evening. I’ve even been falling asleep while watching my favorite television shows!

Truth is, we all hit these seasons of life. These moments when we are so incredibly tired that we can’t even put in the effort to do the thing we love. When our minds are so exhausted and it’s impossible to get a single coherent thought out, to translate into whatever your passion may be.

I had indicators that pointed in this direction. To this moment. This season. Prior to this complete writing block I went through about four weeks where I’d hit complete exhaustion as the weekend approached. Only to gain a smidge of energy back just in time to jump into another busy week. Weekly moments of complete exhaustion can’t be a good sign.

It does tell me two things though. First, I am blessed to have so much in my life. Second, that I need to learn to allocate my time better.

I share all this because I know I’m not alone, even though sometimes I might feel like I am. As parents, we’ve all been there. We all know what it’s like to just keep our heads above water. But it’s not just keeping our own heads above water, it’s keeping our entire family’s heads above water. Sometimes that means we feel like we are drowning, because the weight of our family can be heavy.

Believe me, that family weight is worth every piece of our own being. And we would drown for them over and over. Family is where our number one passion lies.

When your season comes, and you need a break from the rest of the world. When you need a break where you can take care of the minimum. Remember, it’s just a season. And those who love you will understand. Listen to your body, instincts, or whatever the opposing force may be. Take your break. Spend time with your family. Go to bed early. The world will be here when you get back.

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