Tonight he goes to sleep with a smile, because he is loved

Today our youngest child turned one year old. I admit, it was a bit bitter sweet, because we knew with COVID-19 keeping us at home, we wouldn’t be celebrating with any of our family. This marks the first kid birthday celebration without family, without our loved ones.

To celebrate without our people made this day feel so surreal. Heartbreaking. But we tried to make it special as best we could. Especially for our other two kids who really understand the importance of celebrating a birthday.

J and A made Baby B cards, artwork, and paper presents. They were so excited! We put up a Happy Birthday banner and made a cake. And all day we talked about it being B’s birthday.

J shared his memories of coming to meet B at the hospital. He even remembered having Pepperoni Pizza in the hospital room. What an excellent memory he has for a 5 year old!

Our neighbors brought over gifts for B too! Adorable toys he was so excited to push along and play with. What a wonderful gift to have a community of caring and loving neighbors! We truly are blessed.

And despite receiving the news of a stay at home order extended by a month, we couldn’t help but count our blessings. Even if we will be down one paycheck. Even if we have to celebrate over videos and FaceTime. Even if we are missing our family so very much… Our little one-year-old is still so loved! And tonight, when I was rocking him to sleep, he just kept smiling. Because he feels the love. Not the stresses. Not the insecurities. Not the negativity. Just the love.

And for that, I am so grateful.

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