Work It Wednesday: Affirmations

Affirmations are words of emotional support and uplifting statements. For example, You are a good parent, is an affirmation that reminds us we are doing a good job at this parenting thing, despite hard days.

Affirmations can be generic or specific. You can buy affirmations, borrow them from the internet, or make your own. You can buy daily calendars with affirmations on them. You can have an affirmation that you repeat to yourself daily.

However you choose to gather and give yourself affirmations, is up to you. But practicing daily affirmations can be a big motivation. I suggest posting them in places you see, so when you feel unmotivated or frustrated, they are there to remind you of who you are, what you want to accomplish, and what you are capable of.

Wednesday’s are when we may think we are half way through the week with nothing done. This can make us feel as though we failed the week. We should just give up until next week, then try again. No! Start now! There is no better time than NOW! I recommend affirmations for this moment. Right now!

Today I recommend finding an affirmation, or multiple, that are perfect for your goals. You can do this! It is not too late to obtain your goals for this week.

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