Family Friday: Friday Night Movie Night

Friday Night Movie Night is an ongoing tradition in our household. While it may not be every Friday we get to hold this tradition, we try to make it special when we do.

The title, Friday Night Movie Night, says it all! After play is done and it’s time to wind down, we cuddle up in our jammies and all watch a movie. Our goal is to try to watch something new, but if kid friendly doesn’t permit, we are always happy to watch one of the family favorites. Anyone know how many times we have seen Hotel Transylvania? Neither do we! But the kids love it, so we watch it.

Having this fun tradition give the kids, and secretly the parents, something to look forward to and to mark the end of a long week. Even in our current state of COVID-19 Stay Home Stay Healthy orders we hold this tradition, because we are finishing up my work week and our oldest kiddo’s virtual school week.

If your family likes movies, and a cozy night in, a tradition like this can help you to slow down and re-center your family. Bring the excitement: talk about it in the coming days, and involve your kids in the movie choosing process. Soon your kids will be asking if its Friday Night Movie Night.

Happy Friday!

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