Active Saturday: The Quarantine Blues

Does this quarantine have you singing the blues? I know it does me. Question is, what are you doing about it?

When anxiety and depression kick in, especially over an isolated incident we don’t have control over, one of the best things we can do is be active. Don’t take to the couch, or chair, or bed. Simply get up and move. It’s doesn’t have to be much to be effective. But the act of movement and exercise will help you to have a sense of control and will help relieve stress.

As for the kids, well they are feeling the same stresses you are, they just can’t communicate it well. Have them get up and be active with you. Do something fun, like a Saturday living room dance party.

This Saturday, remind yourself that you can control your actions, even when you can’t control being stuck at home, or the current state of the world. You can choose one thing active every day. And today, Saturday, is a good day to start!

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