Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Calendars

Let’s talk calendars this Sunday. It may seem minuscule, but the act of putting your weekly plans on a calendar can really create organization for your family.

We have two calendars we rely on to help us stay organized, and most importantly, keep me and my husband on the same page. We have a paper calendar on our fridge, and an electronic calendar we both see on our phones.

These calendars get updated as plans come up, but we also talk about important events weekly with each other before the day they occur. This really helps to eliminate last minute stressors from poor coordination and keeps us happier with one another.

If you are looking for a way to streamline communication and clearly coordinate your family’s weekly schedules, I highly recommend a family calendar. The family calendar is key! I also have my own personal and work calendar, but events only makes it on the family calendar if they effect more than me.

If you have a family calendar, but communication is lacking, take Sundays to discuss the events coming up that week. That way the entire family can be prepared and successful in the coming week.

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