Daddy Takeover Tuesday: The Little Things

“Don’t forget the little things,” my husband said, as we talked about what advice he wanted to share this week. It seems so trivial, even cliche. But it’s some of the best advice we could all use to remember a little more often.

Raising children is hard. We can get so wrapped up in what we think is right. And frustration over little nuances that really don’t make a difference at all can consume us more often than they should. We find ourselves shouting, “stop that” or, “don’t do that” or more commonly, “NO!” And what for? Because our kids are playing a little too rough, or singing a little too loud?

In reality, our children are often not the problem, we are. We are too tired. Too overwhelmed. Too busy. Too burnt out.

What are we forgetting in all this? We are forgetting to enjoy the little things. Take those moments, big and small, even tiny, and find something to treasure. Remember to let go of the things that may frustrate, but are really not bad at all. They are just kids, living life, enjoying all the small things. And so should we.

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