Self-Care Thursday: Face Masks

Do you ever look in the mirror only to discover your face looks dull, greasy, and tired? Does this leave you dreaming of a time when you could melt into a lounge chair at a spa, with an esthetician poised and ready to give you a luxurious facial?

There are two truths to this story. The first truth is a facial is a wonderful treat that can leave your skin feeling pampered and looking radiant. The second truth is that, as parents, we often don’t get the time, or otherwise, to make a facial a regular occurrence in our beauty regimen.

You can do many things to care for your skin at home though, and one of them is through the use of regular face masks. I used to tell myself and others that I didn’t have time to use face masks; that daily life interfered. But this wasn’t the case. What was really happening, was that I wasn’t allowing myself any self-care time. Now I make time, at least once a week before bed, to put on a ten minute mask. Currently I am using masks from Rodan+Fields, but I’m open to discovering others when mine run out.

You don’t have to purchase expensive face masks. You can even make your own. My only recommendation here is that you pay attention to the quality and make sure it will be safe for your skin. If you have allergies, make sure to use something that won’t cause your skin to react.

In the end, if you take a little time to take care of yourself, and your skin, you can have a glowing, bright, healthy looking reflection in the mirror. A good place to start is with a weekly mask. Pamper yourself this Thursday. You’ve got this!

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