Family Friday: The Virtual Family Get Together

It is a special occasion when a Friday night roles around and we have plans with family members. Perhaps it’s family coming in from out of town, or going to visit with those who live close.

With COVID-19 we have already sacrificed many family get togethers, and we will have to sacrifice more. It is hard to let go of these times, and it has become even more evident how important they are.

While we may not get to be with our loved ones in person, let’s mix things up this Friday. For Family Friday, I invite you to make a virtual date with loved ones. Invite Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and Second-Cousins, to come and have a virtual get together. Fill your home with laughter and joy, simply by connecting with a video chat.

There are different platforms people are using to connect virtually, and I’m sure you’ve heard of many. We like to use FaceTime and Skype, though I’m not opposed to Zoom either. You could even try Google Hangout, or one of the emerging apps that allow you to connect with others via video chat.

This Friday, get dressed. Have your kids get dressed. Set a call date. And connect. Really show your family how much you and your kiddos care, even in a time when we can’t see everyone in person.

Photo is of our last family get together before we abruptly had to stop seeing each other in person.

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