Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Set those goals!

Have you been day dreaming of success in your life that just doesn’t seem possible? A desire to get things done and come out of the week feeling accomplished is something we all want. And it can all start with goal setting.

What is your goal this week? Go on…say it out loud. Now write it down and post it where you can see it.

Your goal, or goals, can be big or small. I’m talking, go to the grocery store, or make a million dollars. As long as the goal is achievable, which is the key to successfully completing it, it is relevant and important.

In order to be successful you have to create a goal so you can determine what to accomplish. Think of a goal as a destination on a roadmap. Without the destination you cannot plan out the route in which you need to take. So in essence, in order to create your plan for the week, you must first come up with an achievable goal or goals.

Goals also help drive and motivate us. You can look at this goal (or goals) daily to determine what you need to address and change to succeed. Being goal driven can be quite powerful! I highly encourage you, if you do not already, to start making weekly goals on Sundays. It may just be the tipping point in your success.

And for all of you parents thinking: but what if something comes up and I can’t accomplish my goals? It’s okay! You allow yourself the grace you need to modify, because things can come up. But just because your goal may be delayed doesn’t mean you give up on it completely. Your timeline just changes.

You got this! Go crush those goals!

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