Mombie Hack Monday: Make your bed

I learned from a friend a few months ago the power of making your bed every morning. So I started doing it to see how it would actually hold up against other essentials in my morning routine. Turns out, it’s now close to the top of my priorities.

Mama, here’s the thing, If you are wanting to feel put together, or like you’ve got your life together (same difference right?), you have got to make your bed! This simple and quick task can make you feel instantly accomplished, and give you motivation to keep checking things off your busy mom to-do list.

Every time you come back to your room you can be reminded of your accomplishment. It reminds you that you got up and ready for your day with full intention of crushing your goals. It also will give you a sense of peace because you have a zen resting place that is ready to comfort you when bedtime nears. And it counts as self-care because it was something meant for you and not your children.

So this week, get up and make your bed! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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