Work It Wednesday: Fresh perspectives with fresh air

Sometimes we can get pulled into the mundane when every day feels like a song on repeat. We can lose our motivation and creativity with such feelings, because we have fallen into the same pattern and practice.

Something I’ve found that can really ignite a fire and invigorate motivation is by taking time to simply get outside and enjoy a change in scenery. By being outdoors you also get fresh air, which allows a better quality of oxygen to be delivered to your brain and throughout your body. You know those oxygen bars people pay for to gain more focus and feel better? You can get the same effect by stepping outside and taking time!

Additionally, your view on life changes when moving from indoors to outdoors. You can observe plants growing, kids playing, animals frolicking. The wind might blow through your hair and lift your spirits. You may suddenly have a great new idea to invigorate your week and direct your thoughts back to your goals.

Get outside my friend. Breathe in some fresh air. Enjoy the scenery. Then go get those goals! You’ve got this!

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