Self-Care Thursday: Set the mood, for self care

Many of us struggle with finding the time to take care of ourselves in true, self-care form. We feel like we cannot take the time to do what makes us recharge and reconnect with our inner beings. Then, when we finally think we’ve carved out the time, we find we have to clean or prepare the space in which our self-care would take place.

Or perhaps you have the time, but the tasks to prepare for self-care seem daunting and not worth it. Maybe the desk you write at is covered in incomplete work documents and children’s school work. Or your bathtub has been bogged down and filled with unused beauty products, or worse, bath toys. And that cozy chair that used to be your reading spot is now the dumping ground for countless loads of clean laundry.

Even worse, if these spaces that speak to your inner need for self-care are mucked up with everyday life, they may not speak to you in the same way at all. Now, instead of being drawn in for a little relaxing downtime, you are instead revolted by the daunting task that lies ahead (insert hours of folding laundry here). That inner you that wants so badly to be taken care of will seek to stay hidden because the added tole of more tasks is not worth it.

So, starting today, I encourage you to find a system, a way to keep your self-care space looking like a zen den instead of a dumping ground. Set up your space to ignite the lover of self-care within you. Motivate yourself with visually appealing cues to allow yourself a little more self-care downtime.

Go make your space! Then get to logging those self-care hours.

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