Family Friday: Family Dinner

I highly recommend family dinners. If you think back to your childhood I’m sure you can recall several memories surrounding family meals. Are they good memories? Chances are, if it was a family dinner, it was a great memory.

There is something about tying our senses together that drives a good memory. The fragrant smells of our favorite meal, the sounds of conversation and laughter, the tastes of a delicious entree. Connecting a meal with time devoted to your loved ones can hold so much influence over creating positive memories.

I am not asking you to learn to cook. If you are not a chef, nobody is judging you here. Order that favorite item from your local restaurant, or chain. Make a bowl of Kraft Mac and Cheese. Get a pizza delivered. Whatever is on the menu tonight, embrace it.

Sit down with your family, devices not present, TV off, and have great conversations. Enjoy being present with your family. Have an amazing family meal!

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