Work It Wednesday: Ask for help

Okay, let’s be honest. One of our biggest obstacles to success is simply having the help we need. Truth is, we all avoid it: asking for help. But why?

Are we a glutton for punishment? Are we too proud? Could we actually be self sabotaging?

Here’s the thing…Regardless of our goals, we could use a little extra help.

Is your goal not to get frustrated with your child this week? Asking for help in watching your kiddo for a bit (or even an entire day), so you can care for only yourself, can have a big impact on your mood and the ability to control your responses when around your child.

Is your goal to complete all your work week tasks, and get the house clean? You have got this! Ask for help watching the kids, or help in getting things checked off your list. If a goal is to tend to the suddenly massive weeds in your flower beds, chances are there’s a teenager near by that would be happy to take on the task for a few extra bucks.

What about your goal to diversify your child through social interactions and different life exposures? Well…they will only really experience this by actually diversifying their interactions. So drop them off with a willing friend or relative and take some time to relax!

Reach out for help this week. Whatever your goals may be for the week, big or small, help is always helpful. Really! So go ask for help.

Photo credit: Ashley Hogue at Avalynn Christopher Photography

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