Family Friday: Sometimes it’s pizza

Friday marks the end of our week, typically. After many years of being in an untraditional work week schedule, we currently are lucky enough to live in the traditional sense of what marks the start of the weekend.

But, along with the weekend comes the exhaustion of another work week wrapping up. By the time our household gets to Friday evening we are spent and ready to start family time! And sometimes this means breaking a week of healthy choices, and ordering pizza.

As my hubby and I age and realize foods that contribute to fatigue and pain, we tend to steer clear of our once youthful food group, pizza. But sometimes the simplicity, and the delicious carb covered cheese treat is exactly what our family needs. And our children love it too.

Sometimes celebrating with a pizza night is exactly perfect for Family Friday. If you have the means and need a break, maybe tonight is your night to indulge as well. Happy Friday!

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