Mombie Hack Monday: Just drink coffee

This past week my children have been in a competition to beat their own wake up times. Each day it’s been earlier than the last. And I get to add that to the horrible headache I’ve been living with for over four days now. Needless to say, coffee has become more important than it already is.

While the children may not actually be competing for earlier times, they have definitely added to my fatigue with their early rising, earning me my Mombie status. And for that, I lean on my coffee addiction.

I don’t just rely on any coffee for my need to appear alive. I need whole bean coffee that I freshly grind right before making a large pot of coffee. Everyone takes their coffee differently, and while I prefer my concoction of frothed heavy cream and butter, not everyone does. What I can vouch for is the decadent taste of freshly ground coffee. It is a must! And the aroma of fresh coffee is like no other.

The past couple years I’ve also become a snob when it comes to the purchase of coffee beans. I need coffee from coffee roasters who roast the tastiest of coffees. And for the past year that roast has been Left Coast Coffee Roasters located in my once home town of Depoe Bay, Oregon.

Today I implore you, my coffee drinking friends, to get into the groove of grinding your own coffee beans. It will change your world! And I highly recommend Left Coast Coffee for your, fresh beans shipped-to-your-house, needs. Bold, medium, or mild roast. They’ve got you covered! Upgrade your status from Mombie to Mommy today!

P.S. – If you check out Left Coast Coffee, I recommend Beach Blond. It’s my favorite! And being a light roast, it’s the most caffeinated.

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