Work it Wednesday: A perfect start

Wednesday, to me, is what Monday should be. But Monday is wrought with expectation and full of sadness over loss of the weekend. For many, Monday is a disappointment, not a new beginning or fresh start. Yet, we give such power to Monday in hopes of starting new habits with the start of the week.

If you are not a person that enjoys Monday, don’t make it your day for starting anew. If you do this, you aren’t setting yourself up for success because your motivation is already lacking in the day you least enjoy. Instead, make another day your start day. For this, I recommend Wednesday.

Wednesday gets us past the start of another hard week, and allows us to acknowledge what we have accomplished as well as what we would still like to accomplish. We have gotten back into the routine of the week, and, at this point, can add a new implementation into our routine.

Wednesday is a good day to start! Make it the day you choose to start doing and begin succeeding. Remember, just because you didn’t begin on Monday doesn’t mean can’t begin today. Today is always a good day to start. And if you must start with a specific day, start with Wednesday.

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