Self-Care Thursday: Give your lashes love

Sometimes self-care comes in the form of vanity. I am okay with that. And you can be too. There’s no guilt here, just do whatever you need to take care of you.

Every night at 8:15pm my alarm goes off reminding me to apply Lash Boost. I haven’t chosen to get lash extensions, use great mascaras that extend and fill, or jump on the magnetic lash wagon. What I do use is a product that allows me to make my existing lashes longer and fuller. I choose Lash Boost from Rodan+Fields, a product I get from my mom. Any way you choose to endings is absolutely perfect!

Lashes are far more than vanity. Lashes are a piece of us that we were created with. A piece that boosts our confidence and helps our eyes pop. Mama, don’t stop taking care of your lashes just because you are a mom. If you love lashes, take some time. Get that self care going!

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