Family Friday: The drive-thru, take-out, night out

Today is a day we are feeling confined. Restricted by all the regulations still in place in Washington state. This holiday weekend we would like to be going camping, or traveling to some fun destination to enjoy with our kids. But we are unable to.

When we were notified our drive-up and go grocery order was ready, we decided to make it a Friday affair. We aren’t able to go on a vacation, or go to a restaurant for a fun family night out. But we are able to go for a drive and pick up some of our favorite meals.

If you need an adventure, even small, make an event out of picking up food from drive-thru, curb-side, or take-out options. It will feel good to get out of the house, and your kids will enjoy it immensely. Also, it’ll give you an opportunity to support local.

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