Active Saturday: Get creative indoors

Some Saturday mornings cannot be spent outside running and playing. Sometimes we are confined to the indoors. But that doesn’t stop us, and it shouldn’t stop you.

Today was a day to start inside. It worked out in our favor because Mr. B is learning how to walk which is harder to do when the others are riding bikes outside. When we are inside, and needing to find something to do, the kids turn to their imaginations. If that isn’t a perfect use of brain power, I don’t know what is.

Encouraging children to exercise their imaginations is just as important as encouraging movement through activity. Imaginations allow children to learn, preparing for the strenuous work that many years of education will require. It also shows them their wonderful creative power; something that will come in handy when they are adults.

Today, Audrey put on her dress-up dress, and got to work fixing her “car”. It was adorable! She has been watching her dad and wants to be like him, all while being a princess.

Days you can’t get outside and need to find activities to keep the kiddos occupied, I encourage you to ask them to pretend. You will enjoy watching them as their imaginations take flight!

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