Mombie Hack Monday: Eye cream

My BIGGEST secret for looking less like a Mombie is my eye cream! This is my truth. The item I will always pick as my one item to take with me to a deserted island. Not mascara, not concealer, not some hair care product. Nope. My eye cream.

And truthfully, I wear two. One for dark circles, one for puffiness. The two together make my eyes look so well rested. With them I look like a mom who has achieved the impossible; sleep.

Moms who do not have an eye cream that does this, I encourage you to start your search for the perfect cream. They are so worth it!

Now let me tell you a secret about application. Don’t put eye cream on right underneath your eye. The cream travels, and if directly under your eyes, it will end up getting in your eyes and cause the opposite effect, making you look more tired than when you started. Instead apply a thin amount on the border of where your delicate eye tissue and the rest of your facial skin (along your cheek bone) meet. This will give you optimal results.

While I wouldn’t typically recommend the same company back to back, I feel I should today because they are having a magnificent sale. The biggest sale I have seen since my mother joined three and a half years ago. And really, if I could recommend an eye cream product, this would be it. Rodan+Fields makes the eye creams of my dreams. (I do not get a commission or kick back for suggesting these products.) If you are looking to try something new, or at all, this is the moment. R+F has their promotion through May, 26th, 2020.

I also like Farmacy: Dew It All eye cream some nights before bed as an extra boost. It feels so luscious on my skin before bed.

Moms unite! If you aren’t using an eye cream yet, you should. Find one that works for you. You won’t regret it!

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