Work it Wednesday: Organizing kid closets

Kid closets…well, they can be a challenge. But with a little organization they can be well functioning hiding places.

Let’s face it though, they don’t stay organized. So as parents it is our task to reorganize at least a couple times a year. I recommend reorganizing the children’s closets when they outgrow their clothing. This is a perfect time to clean out all the old (clothing and toys) and bring in the new to be placed in an orderly fashion.

This past week we were blessed with hand-me-down clothing for our two youngest kiddos. So naturally, I got to work. I pulled out all the clothing that was still hanging around, just too small. Sorted all the new clothing, and recreated the organization within the closets. Better function is key!

Once the kid closets are organized, putting things away becomes a cinch. If you haven’t organized yet, I highly recommend it!

P.S. – For those of you looking for the next level of organization, I recommend clothing separated by type. Just as you would put specific types of clothes into drawers of a dresser, you can do the same in a closet. Hang dresses with dresses, skirts with skirts, short sleeve shirts with short sleeve shirts, and long sleeve shirts with long sleeve shirts. I like to have some sort of section marker as well for visual separation.

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