Self-Care Thursday: Care for yourself like you would a plant destined to bloom

If you have a plant, you take care of it. You plant it in the best place, either in the ground or in the best pot or planter. You use the correct soil and give it the right food periodically to keep the ground it sits on full of nutrients and vital growth components. And you water it; not too much or too little, just right.

You would not neglect the needs of your plant, because you care about it and wish to see it flourish. And with the right care, it’ll bloom and show you all the glory it was meant to be.

So why is it that parents struggle to do the same for themselves? If we do not care for ourselves we will begin to suffer. We will not thrive. We will dwindle, and we will not reach our full potential.

So what do you need to do to care for yourself? How will your potential blossom when you do? I cannot wait for you to find out.

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