Family Friday: Cousin time

Our cousin time has been limited lately, with almost all interaction via FaceTime and Skype for months now. But as our world adjusts back to a new normal, we are trying to find ways to get the kids together, even briefly, for cousin time.

Of course, we take all cautions, make sure everyone is healthy, and not a risk to others. We don’t take our opportunity for granted, because we know so much effort has gone into preventing illness. But family is so important, and we miss them.

Today the kids got to see one of their cousins. They played together for hours outside. They had a blast! It made them all so happy and so grateful. It was sweet.

We can’t wait to do more again soon. To have sleepovers. To see the cousins who live in different states. To reconnect and spend quality time together again. For now we take what we can get.

Don’t take family connection for granted. Today, reach out to those loved ones you are missing. We will hopefully all be together again soon.

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