Self-Care Thursday: Get your workout in

Yes, part of self-care is treating your body well. It is a holistic venture we all must consider. One way to give yourself the care you deserve is to exercise.

A sedentary lifestyle is not a healthy choice. Our bodies age faster and become more susceptible to injury if we don’t take the time to use them. This is where regular exercise comes in. And unfortunately, this isn’t just picking up after your kids or walking in and out of the kitchen a hundred times a day to feed the insatiable appetites your children have.

Plan activities that promote your body’s health. You can do this by designating workout time, or by scheduling daily walks or bike rides with your family. It is important though to take the time to just be in a state of activity.

Personally, the last six months for me have included daily random activity that included squat lifts using our youngest child as a weight, and jumping jacks scattered throughout the day. And occasionally I was able to get a walk or run in. But until recently I haven’t intentionally scheduled my personal exercise time, and my body could feel it. So I started scheduling, joined a group for accountability, and let my children either participate or work on school activities while I follow along with a workout video.

When you take the time to care for your health you give yourself a piece of you back. You strengthen your body and give your mind more clarity. Today I encourage you to find some time to be active. You will appreciate it.

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