Mombie Hack Monday: Pick comfort

Mama, find the clothing that works well for your mommy lifestyle. You need to feel great, which means picking clothing that looks great and is comfortable.

Yes, I believe being comfortable is the key! If you do not, that is okay. Keep it up Mama, with whatever works best for you. If you function better when you can move and feel comfy, then you should choose comfort.

I must say I am so, so glad that leggings exist! I love my workout leggings that are built durably and made to stay in place. I live in active leggings like this! Next, I find the most comfortable shirts to go with them. Shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts are how I introduce style. But they must be comfy or they won’t make it through the day, and they will end up in the back of my closet collecting dust.

Mama, please find what makes you comfortable. This means what gives you confidence in what you look like, and how you feel emotionally. It also means finding pieces that make you feel comfortable physically so you can do the best in the hard job that is Momming. Find those clothes! You will be so much happier and feel great!

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