Self-Care Thursday: Mani-pedi time

All parents, hear me out on this one. Not just mamas. This is for all!

If you have never had a manicure or pedicure, you are missing out. Just taking a little time to get pampered, or to pamper yourself, is time well spent. You do not have to paint your nails. And you do not need to spend a ton of money.

There are many available scrubs that you can purchase to scrub and smooth your skin. You can even find ways to make your own sugar scrubs at home, if you are a crafty person looking for a good project. And a soothing lotion to follow is an excellent option.

You can clip and file your own nails, and push back your cuticles. And if you like, decorate your nails! You can paint them with nail polish or use another application such as ColorStreet. And if you have a child interested, you can do their nails too.

Every time I give myself a manicure or pedicure it is through the prompting of my daughter wanting her nails done. She pushes me to take the time with her and to take the time on myself. She is only three, so she doesn’t know she’s promoting her mom’s self-care, but I am thankful she does.

Taking a little time to pamper yourself and promote foot or hand skin health will make you feel so much better! Take a little time to take care of yourself today.

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