Family Friday: Make funny faces

I think some of the best memories come from making funny faces with our kids. They are so expressive! And they love to be silly.

Sometimes we just need to have little moments to bring enjoyment and happiness into our lives. Moments don’t need to be grand or take a lot of planning or time. They just need to be genuine. And making silly faces at each other is a good way to strike up an entertaining moment where you can also connect with your child or children.

Have you noticed how people will engage in conversation on social media regarding a kiddo making silly faces? How about those baby GIFs that make us all laugh? It is because we all enjoy the silly moments and the expressions that bring joy. So why not incorporate it into your days with your kiddos?

This week, try to have some silly face contests. Or moments of making funny faces at each other. You will create some good memories and connect with your kids. No matter how silly, you will feel great. In fact, the sillier the better!

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