Self-care Thursday: Get your hair done

This is my self-care tip today because I was lucky enough to do this today. What am I talking about? Getting your hair done!

This seems so trivial to us, but hair stylists put a lot into making us feel comfortable and pampered when we come to their chairs. This is the same for barbers who cut mens hair as well.

Today I was feeling guilty because I felt like I shouldn’t take time away from work for myself. As I’ve said before, while I completely believe in self-care I am not great at it myself, especially when I am under the wire. And since it is the end of the quarter, I have been working around the clock trying to get grading done for the students. But, a few weeks ago, in anticipation of restrictions lifting, I desperately made this appointment. And my hair did not want me to miss it!

I was so anxious to step away and go to my appointment. But once I got there I was so relieved. It was so nice to take an hour to just relax and only worry about myself.

As parents, getting your hair done can be a forced break. A much needed forced break. And, aside from the break, you get pampered and walk away looking great! What an excellent way to take care of yourself!

Parents, go get your hair done! It has been a long time with COVID restrictions, so your appointment is long over due. Go and enjoy yourself!

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