Self-Care Thursday: Get some sun

Now that I’m almost back to my normal, healthy self, I was able to do this today. To rejuvenate myself and get a different type of self-care in that didn’t entail staying in bed all day, or staring out the window longingly.

Today I got outside and soaked up some of that beautiful summer sun! What an amazing thing.

I am happy to get some time this summer to spend with the kids and not work so much. Today, without a care in the world, we sat outside. The kids ran through the sprinkler and road their bicycles.

Of course, with how easily I burn, I quickly moved under a sun umbrella. But feeling the sun, and embracing the summer, felt amazing! A much needed slow-down, self-care moment.

I do hope you all can take even a little time to enjoy the summer. To let it live up to all we expect it to be. Barbecues, sprinklers, pools, long evenings outdoors. I wish that all for you. But most of all, I wish for you to have a beautiful self-care moment or two while enjoying your beautiful families!

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