Family Friday: Splash party

There are many forms of Family Friday, from movie night to pizza night. But the great thing about Family Friday is there are 52 each year, which allows for variations. Some may be planned, others may be spontaneous.

This Family Friday I am talking about fun in the hot summer sun (even if the heat doesn’t last, because likely it won’t). And a little time to let the kids have a wild and crazy splash party, because it brings them joy. And when they are happy, well, our parenting souls smile.

Today we had a splash party! We blew up our little pool and let our kids splash, play, have water gun fights, and eat outdoor snacks all day. They loved it!

What an amazing gift to watch your children experience the same amazing times you did as a kid. To just soak up all that summer and childhood has to offer.

I heard several times today, “This is the best day ever!” Anytime a kid says that, you know it’s a good day! And with COVID limiting our outings, we have to make our own exciting adventures at home.

Cheers to a great Family Friday! I do hope you had a wonderful one.

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