Mombie Hack Monday: Wash away the day

At the end of the day, we, as moms, are often exhausted. Run down. Have no more energy but to climb in bed. But this has got to stop!

Mamas, if you want to look less like a Mombie, you need to wash your face!

Think of it symbolically, by washing your face you get to wash away all the challenges, shortcomings, and struggles of the day.

You can also think of it literally, because mama, you have collected dirt, grime, oil, you name it, on your face all day.

Washing our face will give our skin health. When we take care of our skin it looks vibrant and beautiful. But the act of washing our face can also help us with our mood and how we feel.

So tonight, and every night, wash your face! Wash away the day (the pieces you’d like to let go that is)! You got this mama!

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