Daddy Takeover Tuesday: The two-way street

My father has a signature saying, “The phone works both ways.” He often has said this when me or my siblings have asked why we haven’t heard from him. When I was younger, I used to repeat it back to him. I couldn’t understand why I had to call him, instead of the other way around. It wasn’t until recently that I truly understood.

My father wasn’t ever expecting his kids to put forth all the effort. See, he was always thinking of us, loving us, and working to support us. Of course, as children, we didn’t see it that way. Only, I wish I had. He wanted us to put in just a bit of effort as he was always putting in effort even when we couldn’t see it.

When my husband suggested the topic of it’s a two-way street, I immediately thought of this story and how I should have gotten my dad’s message earlier in life. And truly, the street is often multi-directional, because many times situations have many components and contributors.

We all need to give a little to meet in the middle. We should never expect anyone to give their all in a situation without any reciprocation. Essentially, we just need to care about others and put in effort to show how we care. When we do this, we can overcome so much together. And create a stronger, more peaceful, world for our children.

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