Family Friday: Another sprinkler Friday

Yes, today we spent the evening letting the kids run through the sprinkler again. And why wouldn’t we? The weather is perfect, the family time is ideal. When things align, we go for it!

In the summer the sprinkler can be one of the simplest pleasures for children. And while, as parents, we might initially resist because we may feel pulled to do something else, it is really an enjoyable thing for us too. If you are ready to run through the sprinkler yourself, your kids will think it’s awesome and hilarious. If you choose to sit and watch, your children will enjoy having an audience and will ask you to watch all their new tricks.

Today our two oldest kids were granted the opportunity to spend the day with their grandparents. This meant they were exhausted when we picked them up, but they wanted so badly to play in the sprinkler. Additionally, since our youngest had to spend his day with boring mama, he was so ready to play with his siblings. So we got them changed and set them all loose in the backyard. Our youngest was so excited to play in the water, and kept going despite his shivers. It was adorable!

My hubby and I sat there and watched them galavant through the sprinkling water. We heard countless “watch this” calls, and shouts of excitement. We laughed many times watching all of them enjoy their time.

I encourage you, before your summer runs out, take a little time, regularly. Let the kids be kids, and play in the water. It will make their souls sing, and will create so many lasting memories. Go jump through that sprinkler!

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