Active Saturday: Get out and bike

We started our day off with a bang! As a busy mom, full time nursing instructor, and striving entrepreneur, I find I neglect myself a bit.

With this in mind, I’ve been very intentional lately to get active. I have been exercising 5 days a week with 30 minute workouts (I’ll break this down more in a future post). So this morning I got up, and got active! First for myself, then for my family.

When I was done with my personal workout we got ready for a family bike ride. With our youngest two in the pull cart behind my hubby’s bike, and our oldest now ready to pedal on his own, we took off. We completed a 30 minute bike ride as a family, which isn’t a long ride, but it was perfect for our 6 year old.

By getting out on a bike ride, as a family, you can promote an active family lifestyle, teach your children the benefits of exercise, and de-stress as a family. It was so nice to explore a little as a family unit and get some much needed fresh air.

It is also an opportunity for children to ask a TON of questions! Our oldest had a question or statement every thirty seconds. For him though, it was a big opportunity to learn while getting a little workout in. I can only imagine how empowering this bike ride was for him.

Today, if you are able, get out and go for a bike ride as a family. It really is a great activity if you have the access to some bicycles and helmets. You can even borrow or rent some if you don’t have your own. Go on, get your family adventure on!

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