Mombie Hack Monday: Outsource where you can

Have you been struggling to get everything done? To slow down and make more time for yourself or your family?

Today I want you to think of what you can give up and what you can outsource. That’s right, outsource!

I’m not talking about shipping things to other countries, but rather to have others complete tasks for you.

Do you have the ability to have a housekeeper? If so, check into it, consider it, make it happen. If not, figure out how members of the house can divvy up tasks, because Mama, it shouldn’t be all on you.

Next, are there things you can put off today? It’s okay to not be perfect and not have everything done. Give yourself some grace.

And how about other resources? Maybe a pre-prepped meal service, such as Hello Fresh. Or ordering groceries online and having them delivered or scheduled for curbside pickup. And anyone own a Roomba from iRobot? We do! And let me tell you, the time it saves me by being able to pass off vacuuming chores has been so worth the money! It is like our housekeeper, since an actual person is not an option.

There are so many options for outsourcing. In other words, find ways to save yourself some time and take things off your task list. Mama, if you try to do everything yourself, you will be stuck in Mombie status! It’s time to take your time back and cut your stress down.

So tell me, what will you outsource today?

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