Work it Wednesday: Let’s do a cleanse

Have you ever done a cleanse before? Diet or otherwise?

I have given myself cleansing moments before. Some cleansing comes from skincare products or services, like a facial. Some cleansing comes in the form of a good de-clutter and home cleanse. Then there are dietary cleanses…

Dietary cleanses have always seemed so terrifying to me. I don’t like to purge or feel so very hungry. I haven’t ever completed a juice cleanse. And a cleanse prescribed by a nutritionist always seemed too difficult and too daunting. The closest I have gotten was through cutting sugar and eating whole foods, or fasting for short periods of time. But I’ve never jumped into a cleanse because I was absolutely certain I could not do it, or it would be like another crash diet.

Well, things are changing here. I have a good friend who is a nutritionist, and we have talked about a safe and healthy cleanse off and on for about six months now. Last week, just days after our youngest child stopped breastfeeding, my husband and I had a conversation and took time to learn more about this cleanse my friend has been telling me about. And, because of the benefits, we chose to take this big leap in our nutritional status.

Why a cleanse? Well, it is a detoxification for the body and the gut. It clears everything out of the system, slowly and safely, and resets the body. Hormonal levels will stabilize, as well as other biochemical components. Digestive health is quite important, and needs to be given care regularly, but through a cleanse we can give the gut a deep-clean. In the end we should feel energized, have vitality, and hopefully lose any remaining weight we are hanging on to unnecessarily.

I wouldn’t do this without the guidance of a nutritionist, or someone who is familiar with nutritional needs and health and wellness. But then, I have a friend who is so nutritionally savvy and has all my trust. And, with my degree in nursing, I chose to listen to the benefits and trust in this process.

Of course, our items arrived yesterday, which was much earlier than I had anticipated, or hoped. I mentioned to my husband that I might need a few days to mentally prepare for this, and maybe eat some pizza. My husband, however, was ready. Dedicated, and ready! After all, it’s just 30 days, and not a lot will change, aside from some of our meals and our official cleanse days.

So today, on Work it Wednesday, we started this 30 day cleanse. I can’t promise I’ll be in the best of mood the next couple days as my body adjusts. But today I am doing well, and actually feel like I have more energy with less coffee. I am excited to share the results as we reach the end of this journey a month from now. Personally, I hope for clear skin, much less pain and headaches, a happier gut, more energy, and possibly less of a mom-pooch.

While a dietary cleanse is a big commitment, and not for everyone, a cleanse of some sort is always possible. So what will you do today to cleanse yourself? Will it be a good, deep-clean of a room in your home? Will it be a detoxifying bubble bath? A social media and screen time cleanse? Or a nice deep-cleansing scrub or face mask? Whatever it might be, make sure it is beneficial to you, and something that will propel you forward. You got this!

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