Family Friday: Let’s do it together mom

Have your children ever asked, begged even, to let them help you?

Our oldest son has been asking for years, it seems, to help us. He has a big interest in helping with food and meal prep. He even loves cracking eggs (though I’m quite resistant to this idea). Our daughter has recently joined in on the trend, but with many different tasks.

Today the kids did not want to come downstairs to get a snack on my schedule (busy mama trying to manage all the things), so I let them know they could get their own snacks when they were ready. This is part of my attempt to ignite some independence. But, not long after they started in on prepping their own snacks I joined them.

J had already washed strawberries when I came downstairs, and had served some to his sister on a paper plate. It was quite sweet, the way he announced to me, “I washed the strawberries for us mama, because I watched you and know how to do it.” I told him he was doing a good job, then asked him if he’d like me to rinse the blueberries he was getting out.

He promptly replied, “no mama, I can get it,” then paused and said, “or we could do it together.” It was a thoughtful statement. I glanced up at the TV, playing Daniel Tiger, and wondered if this prompt was initiated by the current message of the program.

I asked him how he would like to do it together, since it is typically a one person job. He knew exactly how I could help though. He asked me to finish putting the blueberries in the colander so he could rinse them off.

The entire moment was wonderful. And it was initiated by the reminder I gave myself in the morning to say yes and take time. A reminder I should give myself daily.

Today, choose to say yes and do something together. It will initiate a perfect Family Friday moment.

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