Work It Wednesday: Powering through the week

Have you ever felt like you needed to power through the week to get to the weekend?

This can be a common feeling, especially if there are plans we look forward to on the weekend. When this occurs, we tend to start off our week strong. And Wednesday can be our momentum we need to keep it going.

This weekend our family will be headed out of town to see some family. Social distancing in place, we will be camping and enjoying company outdoors. Due to our time needed for travel and accounting for traffic, my husband will be taking Friday off work and we will start our weekend Friday morning. With this, we need even more momentum to complete all the things needed to get done in our week.

I encourage you to remember that Wednesday is a great day! It symbolizes the half-way point through the traditional week, and should serve as an accelerator to get all your tasks done so you can enjoy the weekend.

So tell me, what are you powering through today so you can enjoy your family more on the weekend?

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