Family Friday: Recommitting to Wednesday’s Goals

How is everyone doing with the parenting goals they set on Wednesday? For me, I can say it has been a bit of a challenge, but every time I raise my voice I remind myself to start again. Right then and there. Because I can do better!

Yesterday, on what is typically Self-Care Thursday, the kids and I drove about 240 miles to see my family. My husband could not take the time off work, so is traveling now, after a full shift, to join us late tonight. So, for this, it has been an extra challenge.

A reminder I have been giving myself though, is this is fun for them. It doesn’t matter that traveling is difficult with three young children, especially during COVID. It doesn’t matter that finding entertainment and keeping them happy is not so simple when we are away from our normal amenities at home. It does not matter if I miss my husband and wish he was here to help with all that comes with travel. For them, what matters is that they are on an adventure and finding new ways to enjoy themselves, as well as creating new memories with family.

That is what matters.

And if I yell at J for opening the door fifty times, he will remember the frustration instead of the adventure. Yes, I admit, I have shouted at him several times, because all the kids cry when there are flying bugs…

And if I get frustrated at A for for wanting to sing herself to sleep because she is keeping the others awake, I might be squashing her dreams of becoming a singer…

And if I get frustrated at B for putting dirt in his mouth, then I’ll be getting wrapped up in the wrong attitude. Because, the dirt will likely not hurt him…

Change, real change, can take a month. Sometimes longer. And, honestly, we can always work on improving more and more.

So, my friends, I am still working at this. I am not perfect. And thank goodness, because then I’d have no way to relate or understand others. And, boy, would this life be boring.

Are you still working on your goals? How can I help you to obtain yours?

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