Family Friday: Splash party

There are many forms of Family Friday, from movie night to pizza night. But the great thing about Family Friday is there are 52 each year, which allows for variations. Some may be planned, others may be spontaneous.

This Family Friday I am talking about fun in the hot summer sun (even if the heat doesn’t last, because likely it won’t). And a little time to let the kids have a wild and crazy splash party, because it brings them joy. And when they are happy, well, our parenting souls smile.

Today we had a splash party! We blew up our little pool and let our kids splash, play, have water gun fights, and eat outdoor snacks all day. They loved it!

What an amazing gift to watch your children experience the same amazing times you did as a kid. To just soak up all that summer and childhood has to offer.

I heard several times today, “This is the best day ever!” Anytime a kid says that, you know it’s a good day! And with COVID limiting our outings, we have to make our own exciting adventures at home.

Cheers to a great Family Friday! I do hope you had a wonderful one.

Self-Care Thursday: Get some sun

Now that I’m almost back to my normal, healthy self, I was able to do this today. To rejuvenate myself and get a different type of self-care in that didn’t entail staying in bed all day, or staring out the window longingly.

Today I got outside and soaked up some of that beautiful summer sun! What an amazing thing.

I am happy to get some time this summer to spend with the kids and not work so much. Today, without a care in the world, we sat outside. The kids ran through the sprinkler and road their bicycles.

Of course, with how easily I burn, I quickly moved under a sun umbrella. But feeling the sun, and embracing the summer, felt amazing! A much needed slow-down, self-care moment.

I do hope you all can take even a little time to enjoy the summer. To let it live up to all we expect it to be. Barbecues, sprinklers, pools, long evenings outdoors. I wish that all for you. But most of all, I wish for you to have a beautiful self-care moment or two while enjoying your beautiful families!

Work it Wednesday: A setback is only a temporary obstacle

How are you all doing? If you follow me, you might have noticed I haven’t made any blog posts since Friday. Well, I experienced a minor setback in the form of a horrible stomach bug.

I was so weak, miserable, and tired. I couldn’t manage to write, browse social media, or much anything else. So, there were four days of missing posts. But it is not time to give up, it’s only time to start again.

Who else has experienced a setback? It’s okay! There is no time like the present to get started again. And today I’m here to cheer you on!

It can be with anything. Have you backed off of the art projects with your kids? Or temporarily stopped going for family walks? What about that baby book you started and never completed? Or do you have big dreams too scary to share? No matter what it is, you can get back on track. Let’s do this!

Family Friday: End the school year with a bang

Well, today was the last day of school for our kids here in Washington. Yes, even though we have been home for months, it was a milestone worth celebrating. And just like that, we have a first grader!

J’s school had a reverse parade for all the elementary students. So we loaded up in the car, rolled down our windows and drove through the school parking lot at snail’s pace to wave to the faculty. The masked teachers waved and shouted, surrounded by balloons and bubbles. It was fun and yet, so surreal.

I think with offering education at home we can forget to take time to celebrate these milestones. So today I’m offering the reminder to have a little family happy dance.

This year we celebrate our children moving forward. But we also celebrate navigating the unknown, learning how to homeschool while managing our own career stresses. We shared our vulnerabilities in navigating a pandemic, then a revolutionary movement. And we grew as families all over our nation.

Remember an all too famous quote, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. Thanks to Kelle Clarkson we can even sing this quote and dance along. But this is so true! We are stronger than we have ever been.

This Family Friday, make time to celebrate all your successes, big and small. Give your kiddos a high five and hug, because they have learned how to embrace change well. You have all done a great job!

Self-care Thursday: Get your hair done

This is my self-care tip today because I was lucky enough to do this today. What am I talking about? Getting your hair done!

This seems so trivial to us, but hair stylists put a lot into making us feel comfortable and pampered when we come to their chairs. This is the same for barbers who cut mens hair as well.

Today I was feeling guilty because I felt like I shouldn’t take time away from work for myself. As I’ve said before, while I completely believe in self-care I am not great at it myself, especially when I am under the wire. And since it is the end of the quarter, I have been working around the clock trying to get grading done for the students. But, a few weeks ago, in anticipation of restrictions lifting, I desperately made this appointment. And my hair did not want me to miss it!

I was so anxious to step away and go to my appointment. But once I got there I was so relieved. It was so nice to take an hour to just relax and only worry about myself.

As parents, getting your hair done can be a forced break. A much needed forced break. And, aside from the break, you get pampered and walk away looking great! What an excellent way to take care of yourself!

Parents, go get your hair done! It has been a long time with COVID restrictions, so your appointment is long over due. Go and enjoy yourself!

Work It Wednesday: Live through your intentions

We all have intentions, whether simple or complex. We can have intentions meant for a single activity or intentions focused on long term achievement. Today I encourage you to live through your intentions.

What are intentions? These are things we plan to do, and ways we plan to do them. They are thoughts that provoke an attitude or behavior.

I have an intention to be healthy, and get more fit, so to live through this intention I have been getting up every day and exercising. For me it is important to remind myself of this every morning, because otherwise I will choose to skip my workout.

I also have intentions in my daily life I am not so great at sticking to because the stresses in life sometimes get to me. I have intentions to be more present with our kids, but there are days I cannot be as present as I wish. Some days I am not present for my children at all, juggling workloads and household responsibilities. Despite missing the mark though, it doesn’t mean I give up.

To live through your intentions doesn’t mean you need to be perfect. You don’t have to get it right every time. It is okay if you have moments you don’t feel successful. But what is truly success is to keep trying, and keep moving forward.

By setting intentions we put positivity out into our world. When we present ourselves with our intentions we remind ourselves what we are capable of. We work toward a better version of our already great selves.

On this Work It Wednesday I encourage you to think of what intentions you have, and to live through them. Set forth in your day, week, or life with good intentions and you will do great things!

Daddy Takeover Tuesday: Be a tickle monster

I am sure you have heard laughter is the best medicine. This is quite true. If ever you need a boost, or if you want to feel more optimistic, laughter is the way to go.

This is the same for our children. Laughter can offer distraction, change negative attitudes, and promote happiness. And what better way to get the laughter started than with tickling?

Our kids come to my husband daily asking to be tickled. It is quite comical to see them ask to be tickled, then giggle and shriek for it to stop. They know Daddy is the best source for tickles, and they know their laughter from such activity brings them joy. Even our youngest son, who is now 14 months old, has started making tickling sounds and attempts to tickle tummies and feet.

As parents the act of tickling is great too, because we laugh when we see our kids laugh. And playing with our children in such an innocent way promotes positivity and enjoyment.

However you choose to invoke laughter in your household, do it! Bring the happiness!

Mombie Hack Monday: Take your vitamins

Let’s face it, we all (or almost all of us) have areas where we struggle in the nutrition department. And have you noticed how much your body’s needs have changed since becoming a mom? I know I have.

Even with a well balanced diet we likely aren’t getting all of the supplements we need. So, taking time to figure out what additional vitamin and supplement support you need to be your best, can be well worth it. I promise, your body will feel much better when you take care of it inside as well as out.

I have a wonderful friend who is a nutritionist. I’ve spent time working with her to create a supplement plan that fits my needs. I do understand not everyone can afford an appointment with a nutritionist, but if you can I do recommend it. Best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house, because you can meet over video conferencing, and/or fill out surveys online. These virtual tools can help a specialist come up with a plan that is right for you.

Did you know not all supplements are created equally? I had heard of this when I was younger, but I didn’t understand how that was true. After taking some time to learn I now understand it. And after taking better quality supplements for over almost a year now, I can really feel the difference. I am not a nutritionist, so I cannot explain it in depth, but as a nurse I can say that efficacy of medications, vitamins, and supplements is important. We need to have something that is formulated well to feed our bodies better.

When you are consistently taking vitamins and supplements your body needs, you give it an added healthy boost. You will begin to feel better, and after more time you will feel even better yet. By taking the time to treat your body well through adequate nutritional support you will find yourself taking on your days with more zest and less Mombie status. Believe me when I say, if I forget my morning vitamins, I cannot come out of my sleepy Mombie slump all day.

You can start simple, if you just need a start. Everyone can use a little Vitamin D, even when living in a sunny place. And Vitamin B6, or folic acid, is very important for any woman, pre and post-menopause. Both of these will help boost your mood and help you to function and feel more alert. Vitamin C is great for promoting health and avoiding getting sick. Then there are so many variations to add onto this as you can learn more and hopefully consult a nutritionist.

You may not even realize how much of a slump you are in. Or how much you need vitamin support, until you get started. You will feel so much better, I promise!

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Use a notebook

How many times a day do you write down information? How about in a week? Chances are, if you aren’t using a notebook, those things you write down are getting lost.

A notebook is a simple tool you can use to consolidate all your thoughts and lists. It can be carried with you in a bag. And it can be easily located when you need to come back to your thoughts, or write down more.

Having a notebook to use is a great way to setup your success today. You don’t even need to have different notebooks for different things. You can just use the same for everything if you like.

Get organized today with a notebook. I promise you will not regret consolidating your paper notes into one place.

Active Saturday: Plan your summer adventures

For a while we thought this season of quarantine would never end. But, as the restrictions let up a bit, we are finding ourselves imagining our summer adventures again.

Years ago we made the decision to adventure with a camping trailer. It is our way of getting little trips in with kids. And it is a great way to get us out of our home and into the outdoors.

This weekend we brought our trailer out for a clean and a prep. We will start our adventures next weekend, and we are so excited! The kids more so than we are.

While camping, or our version we call glamping, isn’t for everyone, adventuring is. No matter what type of adventures you desire, now is a good time to start thinking of your summer bucket list. Allow yourself to do a little dreaming today, then get to planning.

What activities will you plan? I am excited for you to get your dreaming started!