Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Personal development

I believe we are all on a continuous personal growth journey. We can feed this drive through learning new things that are of interest and/or importance.

Personal development is such a great opportunity for growth, and can be achieved through various channels. I personally choose to surround myself with positive, like minded mamas who are continually seeking new learning opportunities. This helps my drive to continue to improve my writing and small family business. I also find myself in personal development with a focus on family, rearing children, nursing practice, and whatever else comes my way and challenges me to grow.

Personal development can be big or small. It can be as simple as reading a daily blog post, or as challenging as taking a full time course load at a college. Whatever inspires or interests you, take at least a little time each week to learn something new about it.

This week I am starting a new learning program with a coach who pushes me to continually improve. While I know this program will be hard, and will push me far out of my comfort zone, I am excited because the growth may be exponential.

Ignite your passion and strengthen your knowledge through finding a personal development activity that speaks your learning language. This task will be powerful because it’ll challenge your thoughts, broaden your understanding, and get you out of your comfort zone. This will lead to growth, and keep you ever evolving.

What will you choose to learn this week?

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Find little ways to make everyone happy

I do not mean to approach this topic in the typical sense. It is not a parent’s job (mom or dad) to constantly make everyone else happy. But finding a way to create a cohesive environment where all kiddos are happy at once, means happiness and more ease for the parents.

So this Sunday, I recommend creating a plan or two on how to create cohesive happiness in your home. Simple shifts in your routine can make each summer day more manageable, either with a single project for all, or individual activities that are similar enough to happen all at once.

In our family, if you have just found my blog, we have been spending a lot of time outdoors. However, this has been a challenge for our youngest who wants to be walking and playing. Problem is, we can’t keep him from instantly traveling from grass to pavement, where he inevitably falls as he still learns to master walking. In this event one of us (me or my husband) will hold him until he screams, then will have to bring him inside where he can have his independent play in a safe environment.

So today we worked on a solution to change this. To help our youngest feel like he’s a part of the bicycle gang. We got him the famous little red push car that has been made for generations. And the verdict is out: he loves it! He feels like he’s now a part of outdoor play time.

Even the simplest of things can make a lasting impact in everyone’s happiness. And, in the end, the parents might end up benefiting the most as less stress occurs in managing every child’s wants and needs.

Today, find a way to bring yourself a little more peace in your week by finding and implementing the key to your family’s cohesive happiness.

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Use a notebook

How many times a day do you write down information? How about in a week? Chances are, if you aren’t using a notebook, those things you write down are getting lost.

A notebook is a simple tool you can use to consolidate all your thoughts and lists. It can be carried with you in a bag. And it can be easily located when you need to come back to your thoughts, or write down more.

Having a notebook to use is a great way to setup your success today. You don’t even need to have different notebooks for different things. You can just use the same for everything if you like.

Get organized today with a notebook. I promise you will not regret consolidating your paper notes into one place.

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Exist in the moment

Sometimes we get so caught up in preparing our next move that we forget to just exist. While I am all for having continued movement toward goals (I live like this myself), sometimes we just need to be present and live in the moment.

This evening we did precisely that. We forgot about the mess in our house and the need to prep for our week. We just let the kids play with the neighbors for a couple hours. We let them stay up past their bedtimes. And we momentarily forgot about our responsibilities. It was nice.

Of course, that is why I am publishing this post so late today. And perhaps later this week I will regret my choice, only briefly, when I realize I didn’t get something done today. But honestly, it is okay. Sometimes we just need to be with our family, and enjoy our loved ones. Sometimes we need to close the electronics and stop thinking about our next strategic move.

Sometimes just existing in the moment is exactly what we need to be successful in our quickly approaching week. Take some time. You deserve it!

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Schedule your content

This post is meant for the parent who posts regularly on social media. The parent that may be a blogger, a business owner, or a coach. Or this could be for the parent who is hosting a party or two through social media purely for fun and potentially earning rewards.

Posting content on the regular can be daunting, to say the least. A well written, well thought out post can take time to develop, edit, and get just right. And getting this content posted at the right time can be an added layer of stress and obligation.

Let’s face it, social media can take a lot of time. And for some it’s important to make sure you’ve got it all just right. And when you are utilizing social media platforms for promoting things, consistency is key.

But for parents this can be hard. This takes away from family time, and unexpected situations with the kids can cause a bump in your social media road to success. So today I encourage all the social media, go-getter, parents out there to schedule your posts!

Find a day each week to plan out and schedule your posts. Then let your platforms post for you, while you spend the week enjoying your family instead of stressing about how to get your social media tasks done.

Be honest, if you don’t do this, you are thinking you don’t need to. You’ll just get it done when you can, each day. But…how often have you said that only to not post several days in a week because things didn’t unfold as you planned? This is parenting reality.

So, if you post every week, or just need to post temporarily, utilize your resources. Get things set up, written, and ready to go before your busy week starts. Today is your day to start being organized and consistent. You will thank yourself later.

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Be kind and success will follow

I received a great reminder this week. I believe in kindness above all else, and we teach our kids this value as well. Sometimes the added reminder of the ties between kindness and success are encouraging, and this week I was grateful to get such reminders.

Sometimes we can get caught up in things not going right. Not going our way. And when this happens, our kindness for others suffers. Sadly, it most often impacts those we are closest to and care most about. But it is important for us to give ourselves grace and then work to get out of this funk.

It is true, if you do good, good will follow. Kindness is so important in all we do. If we are kind to others, we will receive kindness in return, which ultimately leads to positive vibes and a path to success.

A simple analogy…if you shout at your children and get frustrated with their simple requests (something we all do from time to time), your children will reciprocate with acting out and refusing to follow directions. If you are kind to your children and take time to hear them when they are sad, happy, frustrated, whatever their emotions may be, then your children will feel respected and then respect you. This helps immensely when you are trying to get stuff done, whatever your tasks may be.

Same goes for our interactions with adults. Adults need a little kindness. We do not deserve just to receive though. Giving is the key. And when you give kindness you should not expect something in return. This is what makes your acts genuine. With genuine kindness, success will follow.

So today, and everyday this week, month, and year…be kind. It will take you far, and you will appreciate the effects it has on others and on yourself.

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Clean your floors

How does having clean floors set you up for success? No matter how funny it sounds, it actually is relevant. Let me tell you how.

Have you ever noticed how easily you can focus if your space is clean? And how often you look at your floors? They tie together. Even if your house is picked up, a dirty floor will make you feel distracted and anxious, and likely leave you questioning why. This is because the visual message delivered to us through our unclean floors subliminally makes us feel overwhelmed. And with such a message we often won’t connect the floors to our feelings.

Likewise, when our floors are clean, we have a sense of calm. Peace in having a well kept space. Relief in one less task to get done during the week.

So this week I encourage you to take some time to clean your floors. Sweeps vacuum, mop…whatever you need to do. When your floors are visually appealing, you will be able to focus and get more done. Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing such a chore.

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Enjoy Mother’s Day

Sometimes the best thing you can do to be successful is to take some much needed down time. Mama, you are going ALL the time! Today is a day to celebrate all you do, so today you should take a break!

Today our house is a mess from the week. The counters are piled with accumulated toys, mail and junk. The floors are looking a bit haggard with dust bunnies where shoes, balls, and games aren’t scattered. Laundry could use a fold, and bedrooms picked up. But today…today we spend the day just enjoying ourselves.

Gardens might be the only accomplished tasks on our ever growing lists. This was a desire of mine, and something I enjoy when needing to find some calming moments and relaxing tasks. The kids enjoyed planting seeds in the vegetable garden, and I picked out some marvelous plants to serve as accents and dividers for us and our neighbors.

As a mom, I can relate to the continued need to accomplish things, get things done, and plan, plan, plan for whatever is next. We don’t often stop to just be present and enjoy the life we have created. So today I encourage you to take at least a little time. Because sometimes the thing we need to be the most successful in our week, is to recover and take a break before we propel forward into Monday. After all, there’s no better excuse to stop than Mother’s Day.

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Groceries

Let’s be real, not many of us actually want to go grocery shopping on our weekends (whether your weekend is traditional or in the middle of the week). But taking the time to plan out your food for the week can be really beneficial to a successful week.

I’ll be honest, I am not great at going shopping over the weekend. I usually have good intentions, but fun and family time get in the way. In addition our grocery store doesn’t get deliveries in on Sunday which limits food availability, especially in terms of fresh produce.

But, if you get your groceries in order before the week starts, you will limit your need to order or eat out. Our weeks can be exhausting, and our desire to shop will lesson as the week progresses. So if you are able, shopping during your weekend will set you and your family up for a successful food week.

If you absolutely can’t or won’t shop on your weekend, I have another suggestion. While shopping might not be in the cards, creating a list can be. I’m not asking you to be so organized that you plan out every meal because this doesn’t work for many. But simply creating a list of necessary groceries will help you prepare for a frantic Monday evening shopping trip. You won’t be driven by hunger and desperation, but a plan instead.

So today I encourage you to make a list, aim for nutrition, and get your general food plan in place. And if you can, execute that shopping list so your week days or nights home can be more focused on family, and less on getting things done.

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Set those goals!

Have you been day dreaming of success in your life that just doesn’t seem possible? A desire to get things done and come out of the week feeling accomplished is something we all want. And it can all start with goal setting.

What is your goal this week? Go on…say it out loud. Now write it down and post it where you can see it.

Your goal, or goals, can be big or small. I’m talking, go to the grocery store, or make a million dollars. As long as the goal is achievable, which is the key to successfully completing it, it is relevant and important.

In order to be successful you have to create a goal so you can determine what to accomplish. Think of a goal as a destination on a roadmap. Without the destination you cannot plan out the route in which you need to take. So in essence, in order to create your plan for the week, you must first come up with an achievable goal or goals.

Goals also help drive and motivate us. You can look at this goal (or goals) daily to determine what you need to address and change to succeed. Being goal driven can be quite powerful! I highly encourage you, if you do not already, to start making weekly goals on Sundays. It may just be the tipping point in your success.

And for all of you parents thinking: but what if something comes up and I can’t accomplish my goals? It’s okay! You allow yourself the grace you need to modify, because things can come up. But just because your goal may be delayed doesn’t mean you give up on it completely. Your timeline just changes.

You got this! Go crush those goals!