Active Saturday: Plan your summer adventures

For a while we thought this season of quarantine would never end. But, as the restrictions let up a bit, we are finding ourselves imagining our summer adventures again.

Years ago we made the decision to adventure with a camping trailer. It is our way of getting little trips in with kids. And it is a great way to get us out of our home and into the outdoors.

This weekend we brought our trailer out for a clean and a prep. We will start our adventures next weekend, and we are so excited! The kids more so than we are.

While camping, or our version we call glamping, isn’t for everyone, adventuring is. No matter what type of adventures you desire, now is a good time to start thinking of your summer bucket list. Allow yourself to do a little dreaming today, then get to planning.

What activities will you plan? I am excited for you to get your dreaming started!

Active Saturday: Play in the rain

Today we kept trying to catch the sunshine window so the kids could get their play on. When we finally thought we were in the clear and the sun was out, we got outside.

Not even 15 minutes after we went outside a very dark cloud moved over us. At first we played in the rain. After all, why not! The kids thought it was fantastic!

The rain progressed into a downpour of hail, followed by a downpour of rain. So as a family we watched from the doorstep. It is June after all, and we are ready to be outside.

Playing in the rain, even for a short time, can be such a fun gift. And it can remind us parents how to be children again.

Active Saturday: Jumping Jacks

Have you ever had the pleasure of teaching your kids how to do Jumping Jacks? It can be fun, comical, and entertaining for everyone!

Kids love it when they get to see their parents do funny looking exercises. They want to jump right in and try things out as well.

The best part….kids don’t even know they are exercising! And because you are having a blast teaching your kids, you don’t realize you are getting active too.

So get to doing family Jumping Jack sessions today!

Active Saturday: Get creative indoors

Some Saturday mornings cannot be spent outside running and playing. Sometimes we are confined to the indoors. But that doesn’t stop us, and it shouldn’t stop you.

Today was a day to start inside. It worked out in our favor because Mr. B is learning how to walk which is harder to do when the others are riding bikes outside. When we are inside, and needing to find something to do, the kids turn to their imaginations. If that isn’t a perfect use of brain power, I don’t know what is.

Encouraging children to exercise their imaginations is just as important as encouraging movement through activity. Imaginations allow children to learn, preparing for the strenuous work that many years of education will require. It also shows them their wonderful creative power; something that will come in handy when they are adults.

Today, Audrey put on her dress-up dress, and got to work fixing her “car”. It was adorable! She has been watching her dad and wants to be like him, all while being a princess.

Days you can’t get outside and need to find activities to keep the kiddos occupied, I encourage you to ask them to pretend. You will enjoy watching them as their imaginations take flight!

Active Saturday: The simplicity of running

As adults we either know first hand, or from watching others, that there is a definite love for running. It is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety and activate endorphins. And running tends to be goal oriented, with a desire to improve and build on your best times or longest distances.

Then there are adults who do not enjoy running. There is a dread that can resonate with just the thought of it. For these people running is not fun and will not be something they engage in for activity and enjoyment.

But do you remember running as a child? There were no stigmas. There was no need to compete with yourself to get better. It was simple. Either you naturally just ran to get from point A to point B, or you ran as part of a game. Even being required to run a mile in gym came later, and still didn’t pose any threat to the natural piece of running in play.

So today I encourage you to let your child run. Maybe not in the house, unless it works for your home. But get them out, encourage fun games like tag, or racing each other. Your kids will love it and it’ll be good for them.

P.S. – For those of you who know J, he’s so proud of his running now that he has a cast on his arm. He’s decided it makes him faster because it holds his arm at a ninety-degree angle. So cute!

Active Saturday: Sprinkler Time!

Today it feels like summer. In May! What a blessing to have felt the 80 degree warmth on our skin as we still attempt to persevere the Coronavirus restrictions.

This time has been a challenge for everyone, but as many have discovered, the simplest of things make a miraculous difference. And today, that thing was playing in the sprinkler.

The kids talked about it yesterday, so excited for the “summer” to be here. Summer in spring time is exactly how it felt, so we let the misunderstanding slide. And this morning when they woke up they wanted to put on their swimming gear so they’d be ready. So sweet! So exciting to see the beautiful weekend through their eyes.

By noon it was more than warm enough for the shocking cool of the sprinkling water. And good thing because the kids were squirming with anticipation. On the hose went, and the rest was history. The kids played in the water for the better part of the day.

Tonight they will sleep well. Satisfied with their extraordinary expectations being met. And tomorrow…well, tomorrow holds water balloons.

For a great activity with your kids, a little jaunt through the sprinklers will get them moving, and you enjoying their joy. Get out and play!

Active Saturday: Let them ride

In my short time being a parents, almost 6 years now, I’ve come to the conclusion that children are made for the outdoors. Our kids cannot wait you get outside everyday, even if the weather is unforgiving and makes even the best of us want to remain indoors. And one of their favorite activities: riding bikes.

It’s not lost on me that we are blessed to be able to afford bikes for our children. And even our ability to have a place to play and ride outside is not available for all. Please know, if this isn’t an option for you, there will be other Active Saturday posts for you.

Riding bicycles helps children to not only be more active, but helps them to develop coordination. It also helps them to learn more awareness of what is happening around them. And dare I say it teaches them a little about responsibility? Remembering helmets, not dropping bikes on the ground, and putting the gear away at the end of the day, all engage children in becoming responsible for themselves and their belongings.

When the kids are outdoors riding their bikes they also get caught up in the activity, and stay active and keep moving longer. So if you have the opportunity, I highly encourage you to find the time to get your kids out and riding. They will love it!

Active Saturday: Play Outside!

Running out of ideas to get your family moving? Think simple, think outdoors. As we are now in Spring and the days are getting longer, one of the best things you can do to promote your family’s health and encourage activity is to get outside.

Simply by going outside you activate movement and shut off the devices that keep us glued to the chair. The fresh air is good for your body as well.

Children get excited about going outside and immediately get moving. They can ride bikes, scooters, push toys. They can run around and play tag or hide-and-seek.

And going outside shouldn’t just get your kids moving, but you too. Play games with your kids. Toss the ball. Or simply walk back and forth while they play. Think of outside time as active time, and get moving.

This Saturday I hope you and your family get outside, and start making it a part of your routine.

Active Saturday: The Quarantine Blues

Does this quarantine have you singing the blues? I know it does me. Question is, what are you doing about it?

When anxiety and depression kick in, especially over an isolated incident we don’t have control over, one of the best things we can do is be active. Don’t take to the couch, or chair, or bed. Simply get up and move. It’s doesn’t have to be much to be effective. But the act of movement and exercise will help you to have a sense of control and will help relieve stress.

As for the kids, well they are feeling the same stresses you are, they just can’t communicate it well. Have them get up and be active with you. Do something fun, like a Saturday living room dance party.

This Saturday, remind yourself that you can control your actions, even when you can’t control being stuck at home, or the current state of the world. You can choose one thing active every day. And today, Saturday, is a good day to start!

Active Saturday

Saturday we are home with the kiddos and looking for ways to keep them occupied and active. This makes Saturday the perfect day for me to bring you an activity that is great for children and for families. It is also a great way for us to remember to be active as families.

Starting next Saturday, April 18th, I’ll be sharing an activity for children, the family, or even the parent (we need to take care of ourselves too). Need motivation or something new to do? Perhaps I’ll be sharing just that. Subscribe to my blog to be notified of new posts.