Daddy Takeover Tuesday: The Little Things

“Don’t forget the little things,” my husband said, as we talked about what advice he wanted to share this week. It seems so trivial, even cliche. But it’s some of the best advice we could all use to remember a little more often.

Raising children is hard. We can get so wrapped up in what we think is right. And frustration over little nuances that really don’t make a difference at all can consume us more often than they should. We find ourselves shouting, “stop that” or, “don’t do that” or more commonly, “NO!” And what for? Because our kids are playing a little too rough, or singing a little too loud?

In reality, our children are often not the problem, we are. We are too tired. Too overwhelmed. Too busy. Too burnt out.

What are we forgetting in all this? We are forgetting to enjoy the little things. Take those moments, big and small, even tiny, and find something to treasure. Remember to let go of the things that may frustrate, but are really not bad at all. They are just kids, living life, enjoying all the small things. And so should we.

Daddy Takeover Tuesday: Take Time For Yourself

In Washington State we are currently in the middle of a Stay At Home order due to COVID-19. What that means for our family is that all five of us are home all the time. My husband is not able to work from home, but my job has become an at home job that is taking all my time. And my husband, well, he’s become a stay-at-home dad caring for our children 24-7. For many families there is some form of this scenario at this time, and because of this my husband wants to tell dads to take some time.

It’s okay to take time for yourself at different times throughout the day. It’s imperative for keeping your sanity and for giving your children and family the compassion and support they need. Just like moms, dads need to take care of themselves before they can give the best care to everyone else.

So this Tuesday, dads, choose to do one thing. At least one thing. For yourself. This doesn’t mean weakness, this actually means being strong enough to say you are important, and some daddy self-care is imperative.

Daddy Takeover Tuesday

Dads need a little focus and guiding light too! But sometimes dads get left in the dark without anyone really understanding their dad needs. Heck, many times dads themselves don’t even know what they need. Who better to help me help you understand dad needs than my hubby, and dad to my three littles?

So on Tuesdays, starting next week, Tuesday, April 14th, I will be bringing you a tip or trick from my husband on how to do Dad Self-Care, or bring light to a Daddy Challenge. Are you ready for this? I know I am! Subscribe to my blog (if you haven’t already) to get notified when a new post comes out.