Mombie Hack Monday: Out with the old, in with the decluttered space

Let’s face it, one of the things that really brings out the Mombie in us is the clutter and mess around our homes.

The added layer of stress our space can bring is exhausting. So why let it defeat us when we can fix it?

This Monday I was hit with the urge to get rid of stuff to free up the clutter and bring a sense of calm to our space. I resisted this urge because I knew other things were to get done. But, fate knew where I should be, and a lost car title sent me into an organize and toss frenzy.

So mamas, don’t ignore the urge that tells you to follow your basic instincts of good shelter. Embrace it. Declutter. Get rid of all the old and enjoy the less overwhelming home. You’ve got this!

Mombie Hack Monday: Sometimes there isn’t a hack

Today I am struggling. I have no ideas for Mombie Hacks on this Monday because I feel captured by my Mombie status.

Truthfully, what I can say is, sometimes this happens. And it is okay. Sometimes we cannot pull ourselves out of the darkness that is the Mombie state. Sometimes we just need to be okay that we are not okay, and know that tomorrow will be better. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a little grace. Sometimes even a lot of grace.

But what a challenge this can be, especially when we know there are others relying on us to be our best selves. Our littles rely on us for comfort, love, compassion, care, food, shelter, and everything else in between. We do not want to let them down. And our partners in crime, those people that support our children and us, well, we don’t want to let them down either.

But what if we have placed our expectations of ourselves so high that we cannot reach them? Today is a bad day for me. Today I am grumpy. Today I can’t seem to pull myself out of it, no matter how hard I try. I am so upset with myself for being grumpy. So upset I have been on the verge of tears all day.

So what if those who need us, don’t have the same exponentially high expectations?

Today our youngest son has a cold, with a low grade fever. So I’ve been trying to keep him comfortable, and cuddle him.

And today our other two children woke up on the wrong side of the bed (just like mama). There is a bunch of sass, fits, and attitude directed all at each other and at mama today. So I’ve given them grace, and tried to be rational and calm, despite my inner need to scream.

Last, but certainly not least, my husband, who has been working all day, swooped in to rescue us all. While Baby B and I hang out inside he’s outside with the other two, encouraging better attitudes and fun moments.

Not all days are easy. And certainly not all days can be fixed with a simple hack. It, of course, is important to try to be our best selves. But it is even more important to give ourselves grace when this simply won’t happen.

This grace is perhaps the hardest thing to accomplish as a mom, and even harder as a Mombie. But the grace will set us free. Maybe today I am a Mombie, with seemingly no relief. But today I am choosing to give myself grace, and perhaps, with that, I will relinquish my Mombie status after all.

Mombie Hack Monday: Be Grateful

I get to see my children every day. I take this for granted, and will find myself making casual statements of, “I would like a break.” A break. From my children and my regular, every day, Mom routines.

Please know, if you are in the same boat as I am, this is okay. It is absolutely okay to want or need breaks, and to take them. But today, I’d also like to offer the reminder to be grateful for the time we do get with our children and our families.

This is not meant to be a somber post, not necessarily. But today it is a bit sad for me, as my heart aches for a good friend. She proudly serves our country, and has been given the orders to deploy. Her preparations for this deployment were going smoothly, yet, I can only imagine how challenging, as she prepares to leave her husband and children. Her and her husband dropped the kids off with family this past weekend, and she intended to be able to visit before she deployed. But today the orders changed. She no longer gets to go back to see her children before heading overseas.

While it is not my story to share, I can say she will be away from her family far too long. My tears today are overflowing, and my difficult times with my children have been forgiven. Today I have been reminded to love my children and my time with them.

My dear friend is not the only one I know that has to be away from her children. There are many circumstances, some terribly heartbreaking.

We all have unique situations. Truly unique. And that is why I encourage parents to embrace their unique identities, because no two people, and no two situations, are the same.

So, this Mombie Hack Monday, I encourage you to be grateful, and appreciate your moments with your family. When we are grateful, we will feel less like Mombies and more like loving Mommies.

Mombie Hack Monday: The hack for bug bites

How many of you are struggling with itchy, annoying, bug bites this time of year? We all want to be outside and enjoy summer evenings, but for many we are inundated with mosquitoes buzzing about and trying to bite us and our family. If you choose to stay outside and enjoy the evening, the next morning you and your family may be scratching those annoying bites you couldn’t prevent.

Yes, I do realize there are products out there you can spray on you to try to prevent the bites in the first place. And citronella candles can definitely help if you are near by. Personally, I don’t prefer the chemical sprays, and we move around too much for citronella candles to be effective. And, in the end, we may end up bitten by bugs even when we use all the products for prevention.

The problem is, once we have bites, they can be itchy, and so, we scratch. Even as adults we scratch when we know better. Young children really don’t know not to scratch. And the more we scratch those itchy bites, the higher the risk of breaking our skin and ending up with infections.

So what do we do to stop the itch?

A Mombie Hack I learned from my mother, which is simple yet always works, is to use Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil. You can pick it up at the grocery store, or you can pick it up wherever you get your essential oils. The bottle may seem expensive, but for around twenty-bucks, it’ll last you quite a while, likely at least a year, if not two or more.

Get a little bit of the Tea Tree Oil onto a Q-Tip, and rub it over the bites. Simple, and done! Your itching will stop. Usually applying in the morning then again at night works, but if you start feeling itchy again before that, you can apply more. There is no harm in using Tea Tree multiple times a day. The only downside, you may not enjoy the smell, though the scent will dissipate shortly after application.

So…this Mombie Hack Monday, please go get some Tea Tree Oil. This trick will come in so handy and will help everyone in your family to heal from the dreaded bug bite.

Also, if you dab a little on those unwanted zits before bed, they will shrink up overnight. But in this case, use sparingly because it will dry up your skin.

Mombie Hack Monday: Choose to be kind and reap the benefits

Have you ever noticed how being kind to others can invigorate your own well-being?

If you have not made this connection, I encourage you to try again and pay attention to what it does for you.

Kindness, as we know, goes a long ways. It benefits others, who will choose to be kind to someone else, and so on with a beautiful chain reaction. But it also does this amazing thing inside us. It ignites this positive chain reaction within our souls and drives us to be happier and brighter throughout the day.

Part of the trap of the Mombie world is being in a state of ho hum. A lack-luster, barely existing, state where negativity easily creeps in and takes over. But if we push to be kind, it will ignite life within us and pull us out of the Mombie status.

This Mombie Hack Monday, be kind. And then be kind again tomorrow. Let it take you over. It’s much better than the Mombie state we can be pulled into.

Today the kids and I ventured out to get our Curbside Pickup groceries. We needed to go because Miss A was out of training pants. Yes, the diapers that pull on like undies. We had ordered our version of the pull-up three times and not received them because the store claimed they were out, and they chose not to substitute. On the way there my husband let me know they hadn’t fulfilled this part of the order again, per the receipt. And let me tell you, I was so upset! I cannot manage three kids in the store when they touch everything and constantly touch their faces.

So the drive there, I gave myself a pep talk. And I chose to try kindness instead of frustration. When I called to let the store know we were there to pick up, I kindly pleaded with the representative on the phone to find a substitute, because I was desperate. And you know what, she did! They were so kind and took care of us.

A funny note, though it is too soon to tell…Due to the lack of diaper options, A had to wear undies, and just might be potty trained…

Be kind friends! It will get you far!

Mombie Hack Monday: Outsource where you can

Have you been struggling to get everything done? To slow down and make more time for yourself or your family?

Today I want you to think of what you can give up and what you can outsource. That’s right, outsource!

I’m not talking about shipping things to other countries, but rather to have others complete tasks for you.

Do you have the ability to have a housekeeper? If so, check into it, consider it, make it happen. If not, figure out how members of the house can divvy up tasks, because Mama, it shouldn’t be all on you.

Next, are there things you can put off today? It’s okay to not be perfect and not have everything done. Give yourself some grace.

And how about other resources? Maybe a pre-prepped meal service, such as Hello Fresh. Or ordering groceries online and having them delivered or scheduled for curbside pickup. And anyone own a Roomba from iRobot? We do! And let me tell you, the time it saves me by being able to pass off vacuuming chores has been so worth the money! It is like our housekeeper, since an actual person is not an option.

There are so many options for outsourcing. In other words, find ways to save yourself some time and take things off your task list. Mama, if you try to do everything yourself, you will be stuck in Mombie status! It’s time to take your time back and cut your stress down.

So tell me, what will you outsource today?

Mombie Hack Monday: Wash away the day

At the end of the day, we, as moms, are often exhausted. Run down. Have no more energy but to climb in bed. But this has got to stop!

Mamas, if you want to look less like a Mombie, you need to wash your face!

Think of it symbolically, by washing your face you get to wash away all the challenges, shortcomings, and struggles of the day.

You can also think of it literally, because mama, you have collected dirt, grime, oil, you name it, on your face all day.

Washing our face will give our skin health. When we take care of our skin it looks vibrant and beautiful. But the act of washing our face can also help us with our mood and how we feel.

So tonight, and every night, wash your face! Wash away the day (the pieces you’d like to let go that is)! You got this mama!

Mombie Hack Monday: Take your vitamins

Let’s face it, we all (or almost all of us) have areas where we struggle in the nutrition department. And have you noticed how much your body’s needs have changed since becoming a mom? I know I have.

Even with a well balanced diet we likely aren’t getting all of the supplements we need. So, taking time to figure out what additional vitamin and supplement support you need to be your best, can be well worth it. I promise, your body will feel much better when you take care of it inside as well as out.

I have a wonderful friend who is a nutritionist. I’ve spent time working with her to create a supplement plan that fits my needs. I do understand not everyone can afford an appointment with a nutritionist, but if you can I do recommend it. Best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house, because you can meet over video conferencing, and/or fill out surveys online. These virtual tools can help a specialist come up with a plan that is right for you.

Did you know not all supplements are created equally? I had heard of this when I was younger, but I didn’t understand how that was true. After taking some time to learn I now understand it. And after taking better quality supplements for over almost a year now, I can really feel the difference. I am not a nutritionist, so I cannot explain it in depth, but as a nurse I can say that efficacy of medications, vitamins, and supplements is important. We need to have something that is formulated well to feed our bodies better.

When you are consistently taking vitamins and supplements your body needs, you give it an added healthy boost. You will begin to feel better, and after more time you will feel even better yet. By taking the time to treat your body well through adequate nutritional support you will find yourself taking on your days with more zest and less Mombie status. Believe me when I say, if I forget my morning vitamins, I cannot come out of my sleepy Mombie slump all day.

You can start simple, if you just need a start. Everyone can use a little Vitamin D, even when living in a sunny place. And Vitamin B6, or folic acid, is very important for any woman, pre and post-menopause. Both of these will help boost your mood and help you to function and feel more alert. Vitamin C is great for promoting health and avoiding getting sick. Then there are so many variations to add onto this as you can learn more and hopefully consult a nutritionist.

You may not even realize how much of a slump you are in. Or how much you need vitamin support, until you get started. You will feel so much better, I promise!

Mombie Hack Monday: Pick comfort

Mama, find the clothing that works well for your mommy lifestyle. You need to feel great, which means picking clothing that looks great and is comfortable.

Yes, I believe being comfortable is the key! If you do not, that is okay. Keep it up Mama, with whatever works best for you. If you function better when you can move and feel comfy, then you should choose comfort.

I must say I am so, so glad that leggings exist! I love my workout leggings that are built durably and made to stay in place. I live in active leggings like this! Next, I find the most comfortable shirts to go with them. Shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts are how I introduce style. But they must be comfy or they won’t make it through the day, and they will end up in the back of my closet collecting dust.

Mama, please find what makes you comfortable. This means what gives you confidence in what you look like, and how you feel emotionally. It also means finding pieces that make you feel comfortable physically so you can do the best in the hard job that is Momming. Find those clothes! You will be so much happier and feel great!

Mombie Hack Monday: Do what makes your soul happy

Let’s face it, as moms we have a lot of responsibilities. And while being a mom might be our life long dream, this alone might not make us feel complete. And if we don’t feel complete we may find ourselves slipping down the path of Mombie exhaustion.

I am not saying you need to find work outside the home, not unless this is your thing. I am saying you need to connect with your soul, find the thing or things that bring you joy, and do those things regularly.

So what brings joy to your soul? Aside from your family, that is. I know you love your family to pieces. Is it cooking? Do you love to crochet? What about organizing your life? Or gardening? Could it be bringing light to your community, or living an inspired life through your cultural heritage?

Whatever your joy, embrace it. Be you! And start incorporating the thing, or things, that make your soul happy. When you do this you will feel whole and the Mombie inside you will be suppressed just a bit longer.