Work it Wednesday: Unplug

My readers, have you unplugged recently? Have you done something just for you so you can be a better you after you have? If not, I encourage you to.

Also, this is a preface into what to expect the next four days from me. My husband and I celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary on Friday, so we are headed back to where we said our vows. Vegas Baby!

We are completely child free. Wish us luck! Or better yet, my mom luck. Baby B hasn’t been away from us for a night since he was born, and now it’ll be three full nights. Much overdue, but with COVID it has been hard. And this time, instead of excitement, the other two had tears. I suppose we have grown closer since we’ve all been with each other non-stop.

But, time as just a couple has been much needed, and is going to be much appreciated.

Alas, if you do not see posts from me, or have anything new to read until next week, it is because I’m disconnecting and enjoying being in the present.

Thank you all!

Mombie Hack Monday: Out with the old, in with the decluttered space

Let’s face it, one of the things that really brings out the Mombie in us is the clutter and mess around our homes.

The added layer of stress our space can bring is exhausting. So why let it defeat us when we can fix it?

This Monday I was hit with the urge to get rid of stuff to free up the clutter and bring a sense of calm to our space. I resisted this urge because I knew other things were to get done. But, fate knew where I should be, and a lost car title sent me into an organize and toss frenzy.

So mamas, don’t ignore the urge that tells you to follow your basic instincts of good shelter. Embrace it. Declutter. Get rid of all the old and enjoy the less overwhelming home. You’ve got this!

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Do we prep for back-to-school?

This has been an ever-growing thought on my mind recently. Do we prep for back-to-school even if our kids aren’t going to the school? Do we still shop for school supplies and back-to-school clothing? Do we do anything to really prep for a return to school that is all virtual?

Truthfully, I don’t have the answer. Until Friday we didn’t even know what our daily schedules for our oldest would look like, because the school district, like so many others, have been struggling to come up with a plan.

Today I made a decision though. There will be back-to-school preparation. It might not look like any school prep we have ever done. It might not be what we expected. But we do need to do something to “rally the troops”, to get our kids excited for the start of the school year. Because, like it or not, we will be back in school in less than two weeks. And we need to get motivated and prepared.

So, in our house this will look like reorganizing our school and art supplies. Potentially getting a big colorful calendar created for our dining room wall, and even shopping for some fun new supplies to provoke excitement.

On this Setup YOUR Success Sunday I encourage those of you with school age children going back-to-school online, to figure out how you will ring in the new school year. Will you go shopping? Will you clean? Will you find different ways to get organized? Let’s do this! Because it’s coming whether we are prepared or not. So let’s get prepared!

Self-Care Thursday: Try not to panic

I am struggling with self-care this Thursday. I typically try to incorporate some sort of self-care into my Thursday routine so I am more successful at writing my blog posts.

Today I started the day off strong! I actually printed blank calendar pages so I could work on finally creating our Fall schedules for childcare and school. Since I teach, now primarily from home, and J will be in first grade, now at home, there’s more to add to our Fall schedule.

Like many other parents, I am sure, I have been avoiding creating the plan. I have been dreading the end of summer because going back to work and school feels much more overwhelming than a traditional year. But, I knew having a plan would bring me peace, which is truly what I needed for my self-care today.

I was quickly proven wrong. There are so many moving parts to creating our schedule, and I realized half of them are still missing. No school notifications with schedules. Half of the pieces I need from the college I teach for are not available. And developing even a skeleton schedule for our nanny soon became impossible.

Alas, this was not a very caring day for myself. It is only the evening, yet I am exhausted, defeated, head pounding, and anxious. At one point today I was reciting over and over, in my head, “Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Don’t panic!” Then a friend and neighbor reminded me I am not alone. So many of us are in the same boat. This isn’t easy, not for anyone.

So, my call to action for you all, and for myself, is to plan, not panic. Maybe we can’t plan everything right now. Maybe we don’t have schedules yet. Absolutely this will be different. Absolutely it will be challenging. But, we also absolutely can handle this! I challenge you to put a focus on planning our self-care first. What self-care will you do each day or each week? How will you plan to take care of yourself? We are going to need it to get through this next season. Are you with me? Let’s plan!

Work it Wednesday: Choosing to grow together

This Work it Wednesday, I am choosing to focus on a growth mindset. I have big dreams, and I want so badly to achieve them. And likewise, I want to help others in achieving their goals. I want to help you!

If you are reading this on my blog, I’d love for you to comment. If you are following me on social, post your comments there. I want to know, what are you doing? How are you choosing to grow? And how can I and my readers help?

This Work it Wednesday I’m also asking for a bit of help in my growth. I would love for you, my reader, to subscribe to my blog. Even share my blog if you love what I write. I am working on growing my following and creating something that is so important to me.

Together we can achieve greatness! So let’s come together and support one another.

P.S. – If you don’t share, then I cannot offer support. So please, share your desires and goals for growth! And you never know who else might be reading and ready to support you too!

Self-Care Thursday: Give the kids self-care

Today our two older kiddos were picked up by their Papa (grandpa) and headed off for a couple days of fun.

This is exactly what they had been begging for, for many days now. They wanted to get out of the house and see new faces. The faces of the people that spoil and love on them.

And, truthfully, this is what I needed too. After they left, and the youngest was down for a nap, I took some time to myself. Yes, I should have been writing. But instead I worked out, my last workout in an eight week program. Then I watched a TV show that only I watch. You know, a sitcom that has a chick flick theme written all over it? Yup! I’ve had this season of my girly show waiting for me for quite some time. And today I watched two episodes! I haven’t sat and watched my own show in about six months. So long!

So, this Self-Care Thursday, I encourage you to think of the self care your child or children might need. If you bless them with this self care, they will come out of it feeling happier and more willing to follow directions. And, this might just give you the self care you need (in one way or another). Remember the saying, “do unto others as you want done unto you”? This definitely fits here!

Happy Thursday!

Work it Wednesday: Believe in the journey – an homage to the barre

Tomorrow I complete an eight week program. A program that has transformed me in a way I didn’t think possible, especially in just two short months.

What program could have this much impact? Well, as silly as it may sound, a fitness program.

But this fitness program is far more than just exercise. This Barre Blend class was designed to inspire people to meditate, reflect, believe in themselves, and use this platform as a launching point to strengthen their entire lives, not just their physical beings.

In 8 weeks, no two days were the same. The program kept building and up leveling. And I got to watch the women on the video grow, just as I was growing.

And, amidst all of the personal self-development, there was physical change to be had as well. While my goal was not to lose weight, I did shed a few pounds. I also developed core strength, balance, and a belief in my body’s ability I had lost.

This fitness program was a blessing in disguise. But, it didn’t stop with the program. My lovely Beachbody coach introduced me to a Facebook group she runs with another like-minded coach. There were daily check ins and motivational posts. This place, this extra accountability, made all the difference in the world.

I am sad for the program to end tomorrow. Much like the feeling I get when coming to the end of a good book. But, it truly doesn’t stop here. I get to pick a new program, I’m thinking a yoga retreat option, then a return to another round of Barre Blend. Why? Because I have some more growing to do, some shaping and strengthening to achieve, and some more inner work to empower my external world.

This Work it Wednesday, I encourage you to find something that will allow consistency and development in your life. It doesn’t have to be a fitness program, though if it is, let me know. I can connect you with my wonderfully loving coach who believes in wellness and personal development in such a powerful way.

You’ve got this! Go get it!

Daddy Takeover Tuesday: Help out

After a Monday that started the week off rocky, it was no surprise that my husband suggested a Daddy Takeover Tuesday theme that focused on helping me (the wife) out.

In all honesty, my husband helps all the time. But he doesn’t think he’s as helpful as he actually is. So, instead of focusing on helping out, I’ve chosen to tweak the theme a bit to: helping out a little extra.

Monday was a difficult day for me. No particular reason. But some days we just have bad days, and yesterday was one of those for me. My husband, wanting to make me feel better, asked for all the input on how to help out so I could have a break, or take some time to myself. And I was very appreciative.

Sometimes all that is needed is just a little extra help that your partner needs in the difficult times. It doesn’t take a grand gesture to make an impact. Likely, that’s not what is desired anyway, as that will add extra strain and guilt on your partner who is already feeling guilty.

The little extra helping moments, such as watching the children for a half hour and giving them positivity is key. This is what I needed yesterday, and exactly what my husband did. The kids had a boost from a perspective other than mine (which was no doubt grumpy), and I needed a little time to recuperate and gain some positivity and stamina to work through the rest of the evening.

A little extra help is sometimes all your partner in crime needs. Supporting each other is the key to our success, and I encourage you all to see if you can help out a little extra as well today. Or, if you need the extra help, don’t be afraid to ask. Communicating our needs is where it all starts.

Mombie Hack Monday: Sometimes there isn’t a hack

Today I am struggling. I have no ideas for Mombie Hacks on this Monday because I feel captured by my Mombie status.

Truthfully, what I can say is, sometimes this happens. And it is okay. Sometimes we cannot pull ourselves out of the darkness that is the Mombie state. Sometimes we just need to be okay that we are not okay, and know that tomorrow will be better. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a little grace. Sometimes even a lot of grace.

But what a challenge this can be, especially when we know there are others relying on us to be our best selves. Our littles rely on us for comfort, love, compassion, care, food, shelter, and everything else in between. We do not want to let them down. And our partners in crime, those people that support our children and us, well, we don’t want to let them down either.

But what if we have placed our expectations of ourselves so high that we cannot reach them? Today is a bad day for me. Today I am grumpy. Today I can’t seem to pull myself out of it, no matter how hard I try. I am so upset with myself for being grumpy. So upset I have been on the verge of tears all day.

So what if those who need us, don’t have the same exponentially high expectations?

Today our youngest son has a cold, with a low grade fever. So I’ve been trying to keep him comfortable, and cuddle him.

And today our other two children woke up on the wrong side of the bed (just like mama). There is a bunch of sass, fits, and attitude directed all at each other and at mama today. So I’ve given them grace, and tried to be rational and calm, despite my inner need to scream.

Last, but certainly not least, my husband, who has been working all day, swooped in to rescue us all. While Baby B and I hang out inside he’s outside with the other two, encouraging better attitudes and fun moments.

Not all days are easy. And certainly not all days can be fixed with a simple hack. It, of course, is important to try to be our best selves. But it is even more important to give ourselves grace when this simply won’t happen.

This grace is perhaps the hardest thing to accomplish as a mom, and even harder as a Mombie. But the grace will set us free. Maybe today I am a Mombie, with seemingly no relief. But today I am choosing to give myself grace, and perhaps, with that, I will relinquish my Mombie status after all.

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Nurture your relationships

I’ll admit it; I get so busy in life. So much so that sometimes I can seem antisocial.

It isn’t that I intend to, or that I don’t value the relationships I have. It is more so the obligations I have tugging at me. They can consume all of me until there’s nothing left.

Today, while I felt the pull of obligations, I chose to listen to the need to just be present and connect. Yes, I still worked on some pertinent things, but I put aside many. Why? Because sometimes business can wait, but the relationships that keep us strong cannot.

This Setup YOUR Success Sunday, I encourage you to remember your relationships. No matter how busy, stressed, and overwhelmed. Make sure to take a little time to spend with the people you care about. And not just today, but a little bit everyday. Because without those people, YOUR people, you could not be successful.

Also, take a moment to tell those important people in your life how much you care about them and appreciate them. They should hear you say it, because just knowing it inside is not enough.

And to all of those friends and family out there that put up with me, thank you! I appreciate you, and I love you.

Happy Sunday!