Mombie Hack Monday: Eye cream

My BIGGEST secret for looking less like a Mombie is my eye cream! This is my truth. The item I will always pick as my one item to take with me to a deserted island. Not mascara, not concealer, not some hair care product. Nope. My eye cream.

And truthfully, I wear two. One for dark circles, one for puffiness. The two together make my eyes look so well rested. With them I look like a mom who has achieved the impossible; sleep.

Moms who do not have an eye cream that does this, I encourage you to start your search for the perfect cream. They are so worth it!

Now let me tell you a secret about application. Don’t put eye cream on right underneath your eye. The cream travels, and if directly under your eyes, it will end up getting in your eyes and cause the opposite effect, making you look more tired than when you started. Instead apply a thin amount on the border of where your delicate eye tissue and the rest of your facial skin (along your cheek bone) meet. This will give you optimal results.

While I wouldn’t typically recommend the same company back to back, I feel I should today because they are having a magnificent sale. The biggest sale I have seen since my mother joined three and a half years ago. And really, if I could recommend an eye cream product, this would be it. Rodan+Fields makes the eye creams of my dreams. (I do not get a commission or kick back for suggesting these products.) If you are looking to try something new, or at all, this is the moment. R+F has their promotion through May, 26th, 2020.

I also like Farmacy: Dew It All eye cream some nights before bed as an extra boost. It feels so luscious on my skin before bed.

Moms unite! If you aren’t using an eye cream yet, you should. Find one that works for you. You won’t regret it!

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Be kind and success will follow

I received a great reminder this week. I believe in kindness above all else, and we teach our kids this value as well. Sometimes the added reminder of the ties between kindness and success are encouraging, and this week I was grateful to get such reminders.

Sometimes we can get caught up in things not going right. Not going our way. And when this happens, our kindness for others suffers. Sadly, it most often impacts those we are closest to and care most about. But it is important for us to give ourselves grace and then work to get out of this funk.

It is true, if you do good, good will follow. Kindness is so important in all we do. If we are kind to others, we will receive kindness in return, which ultimately leads to positive vibes and a path to success.

A simple analogy…if you shout at your children and get frustrated with their simple requests (something we all do from time to time), your children will reciprocate with acting out and refusing to follow directions. If you are kind to your children and take time to hear them when they are sad, happy, frustrated, whatever their emotions may be, then your children will feel respected and then respect you. This helps immensely when you are trying to get stuff done, whatever your tasks may be.

Same goes for our interactions with adults. Adults need a little kindness. We do not deserve just to receive though. Giving is the key. And when you give kindness you should not expect something in return. This is what makes your acts genuine. With genuine kindness, success will follow.

So today, and everyday this week, month, and year…be kind. It will take you far, and you will appreciate the effects it has on others and on yourself.

Active Saturday: Get creative indoors

Some Saturday mornings cannot be spent outside running and playing. Sometimes we are confined to the indoors. But that doesn’t stop us, and it shouldn’t stop you.

Today was a day to start inside. It worked out in our favor because Mr. B is learning how to walk which is harder to do when the others are riding bikes outside. When we are inside, and needing to find something to do, the kids turn to their imaginations. If that isn’t a perfect use of brain power, I don’t know what is.

Encouraging children to exercise their imaginations is just as important as encouraging movement through activity. Imaginations allow children to learn, preparing for the strenuous work that many years of education will require. It also shows them their wonderful creative power; something that will come in handy when they are adults.

Today, Audrey put on her dress-up dress, and got to work fixing her “car”. It was adorable! She has been watching her dad and wants to be like him, all while being a princess.

Days you can’t get outside and need to find activities to keep the kiddos occupied, I encourage you to ask them to pretend. You will enjoy watching them as their imaginations take flight!

Family Friday: The drive-thru, take-out, night out

Today is a day we are feeling confined. Restricted by all the regulations still in place in Washington state. This holiday weekend we would like to be going camping, or traveling to some fun destination to enjoy with our kids. But we are unable to.

When we were notified our drive-up and go grocery order was ready, we decided to make it a Friday affair. We aren’t able to go on a vacation, or go to a restaurant for a fun family night out. But we are able to go for a drive and pick up some of our favorite meals.

If you need an adventure, even small, make an event out of picking up food from drive-thru, curb-side, or take-out options. It will feel good to get out of the house, and your kids will enjoy it immensely. Also, it’ll give you an opportunity to support local.

Self-Care Thursday: Give your lashes love

Sometimes self-care comes in the form of vanity. I am okay with that. And you can be too. There’s no guilt here, just do whatever you need to take care of you.

Every night at 8:15pm my alarm goes off reminding me to apply Lash Boost. I haven’t chosen to get lash extensions, use great mascaras that extend and fill, or jump on the magnetic lash wagon. What I do use is a product that allows me to make my existing lashes longer and fuller. I choose Lash Boost from Rodan+Fields, a product I get from my mom. Any way you choose to endings is absolutely perfect!

Lashes are far more than vanity. Lashes are a piece of us that we were created with. A piece that boosts our confidence and helps our eyes pop. Mama, don’t stop taking care of your lashes just because you are a mom. If you love lashes, take some time. Get that self care going!

Work it Wednesday: A perfect start

Wednesday, to me, is what Monday should be. But Monday is wrought with expectation and full of sadness over loss of the weekend. For many, Monday is a disappointment, not a new beginning or fresh start. Yet, we give such power to Monday in hopes of starting new habits with the start of the week.

If you are not a person that enjoys Monday, don’t make it your day for starting anew. If you do this, you aren’t setting yourself up for success because your motivation is already lacking in the day you least enjoy. Instead, make another day your start day. For this, I recommend Wednesday.

Wednesday gets us past the start of another hard week, and allows us to acknowledge what we have accomplished as well as what we would still like to accomplish. We have gotten back into the routine of the week, and, at this point, can add a new implementation into our routine.

Wednesday is a good day to start! Make it the day you choose to start doing and begin succeeding. Remember, just because you didn’t begin on Monday doesn’t mean can’t begin today. Today is always a good day to start. And if you must start with a specific day, start with Wednesday.

Daddy Takeover Tuesday: Communication is the key

This week my hubby asked me to bring light to communication. This is timely as I’ve been working on a section about communication in the book I am writing. But, as this is only a microblog post, I will have to consolidate my many thoughts on the matter.

Today let’s focus on how to communicate. As all of you likely already know, our tone and body language hold even more value than our words. Let me use a child’s please as an example. If our child says “please” with a smile and sing-song voice, while excitedly bouncing and holding her hands together in an effort to keep contained, we can assume sincerity and hope. But if our child says “please” with a frown and tone laced with anger and frustration, while stomping his feet, we can assume the intent is forced and not genuine.

As adults we can infuse our words with much more through action, tone and body language. It is very important to communicate with our children and with each other with these aspects in mind. Yes, this will likely be a continuous work in progress, but that’s absolutely normal.

Today I encourage you to check how you say something as well as what you say. Do unto others as you wish done unto you. If you deliver your message in a way you would like to receive it, then you are likely on the right track.

Mombie Hack Monday: Just drink coffee

This past week my children have been in a competition to beat their own wake up times. Each day it’s been earlier than the last. And I get to add that to the horrible headache I’ve been living with for over four days now. Needless to say, coffee has become more important than it already is.

While the children may not actually be competing for earlier times, they have definitely added to my fatigue with their early rising, earning me my Mombie status. And for that, I lean on my coffee addiction.

I don’t just rely on any coffee for my need to appear alive. I need whole bean coffee that I freshly grind right before making a large pot of coffee. Everyone takes their coffee differently, and while I prefer my concoction of frothed heavy cream and butter, not everyone does. What I can vouch for is the decadent taste of freshly ground coffee. It is a must! And the aroma of fresh coffee is like no other.

The past couple years I’ve also become a snob when it comes to the purchase of coffee beans. I need coffee from coffee roasters who roast the tastiest of coffees. And for the past year that roast has been Left Coast Coffee Roasters located in my once home town of Depoe Bay, Oregon.

Today I implore you, my coffee drinking friends, to get into the groove of grinding your own coffee beans. It will change your world! And I highly recommend Left Coast Coffee for your, fresh beans shipped-to-your-house, needs. Bold, medium, or mild roast. They’ve got you covered! Upgrade your status from Mombie to Mommy today!

P.S. – If you check out Left Coast Coffee, I recommend Beach Blond. It’s my favorite! And being a light roast, it’s the most caffeinated.

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Clean your floors

How does having clean floors set you up for success? No matter how funny it sounds, it actually is relevant. Let me tell you how.

Have you ever noticed how easily you can focus if your space is clean? And how often you look at your floors? They tie together. Even if your house is picked up, a dirty floor will make you feel distracted and anxious, and likely leave you questioning why. This is because the visual message delivered to us through our unclean floors subliminally makes us feel overwhelmed. And with such a message we often won’t connect the floors to our feelings.

Likewise, when our floors are clean, we have a sense of calm. Peace in having a well kept space. Relief in one less task to get done during the week.

So this week I encourage you to take some time to clean your floors. Sweeps vacuum, mop…whatever you need to do. When your floors are visually appealing, you will be able to focus and get more done. Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing such a chore.

Active Saturday: The simplicity of running

As adults we either know first hand, or from watching others, that there is a definite love for running. It is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety and activate endorphins. And running tends to be goal oriented, with a desire to improve and build on your best times or longest distances.

Then there are adults who do not enjoy running. There is a dread that can resonate with just the thought of it. For these people running is not fun and will not be something they engage in for activity and enjoyment.

But do you remember running as a child? There were no stigmas. There was no need to compete with yourself to get better. It was simple. Either you naturally just ran to get from point A to point B, or you ran as part of a game. Even being required to run a mile in gym came later, and still didn’t pose any threat to the natural piece of running in play.

So today I encourage you to let your child run. Maybe not in the house, unless it works for your home. But get them out, encourage fun games like tag, or racing each other. Your kids will love it and it’ll be good for them.

P.S. – For those of you who know J, he’s so proud of his running now that he has a cast on his arm. He’s decided it makes him faster because it holds his arm at a ninety-degree angle. So cute!